Indaver invest €4 million in 'Waste to Energy' Facility

Indaver Ireland has invested over €4 million in a new solvent blending facility that will allow hazardous waste to be treated, recycled and converted into a fuel. The new facility is located at Indaver’s existing EPA licensed hazardous waste transfer station.

Mr. Noel Ahern, T.D., Minister for Housing and Urban Renewal officially opened Indaver's new facility at the company's waste transfer station in Dublin Port.

Ireland produces over 100,000 tonnes of liquid hazardous waste every year. This new project means that 20,000 tonnes of this waste can be recycled and used as an energy source in an economically and environmentally advantageous fashion.

Indaver, one of Ireland's leading waste management companies, has formed a partnership with SRM, one of Europe’s foremost recyclers of liquid waste. The combination of the new €4 million facility - together with SRM’s expertise - brings Ireland one step further in becoming self-sufficient in the management of hazardous waste.

The facility also includes a state-of-the-art analytical laboratory, which cost in the region of €750,000. The availability of the laboratory enables Indaver to fully implement the waste hierarchy. When a bulk tank container is accepted onto the site, the waste is sampled and analysed and - depending on the results - the decision is made to send the waste either for recycling and reuse, energy recovery or final disposal by incineration.

Indaver and SRM will use the laboratory facilities to actively seek to divert more streams for recovery away from incineration. The laboratory is equipped with the following -

Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer
X-ray Fluorescence
Bomb calorimeter
Karl Fischer Titrator
pH / Conductivity meter
Analytical balance
Top loading balance
Flashpoint analyser
Fluoride Ion selective electrode.

The new Solvent Blending Facility is a major development for the waste industry in Ireland on many levels. Firstly, it is now possible to offer customers, who produce hazardous solvent waste, a significant reduction in the cost of its disposal. In addition, the waste can now be treated and recycled into an alternative fuel supply for a cement manufacturer - saving this company the cost of sourcing expensive fossil fuels. This has obvious environmental and economical benefits for all concerned.

Previously hazardous waste would have been exported for incineration. Now, it can be recycled and used in other industries to great effect. This is a key piece of critical waste infrastructure for Ireland as identified by the National Hazardous Waste Plan.

Mr Stuart McGown, Managing Director of SRM said - “throughout Europe, this process has been an essential and critical component in an integrated hazardous waste disposal strategy. We are delighted at SRM to be playing a fundamental role in bringing about this waste to energy project."

Indaver and SRM will also be working together visiting customer sites and advising customers of the most cost effective ways of processing their solvent waste streams. This will be achieved by diverting as many streams as possible to recovery by distillation. These streams will then be either recycled or used as raw materials in the manufacture of items such as solvent based paint and screen-wash for cars.



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