Putting the cash, cars and charging points in place to make EVs the smart choice of Irish motorists.

The Irish Government has set an ambitious target of 10% of the Irish motoring fleet to be electric by 2020. Why? Because the environmental and economic benefits are potentially enormous!

Electric Vehicles (EVs), for instance, offer zero CO2 emissions of which transport is currently the 3rd largest contributor globally. Equally, EVs are significantly more efficient and cheaper to run and maintain than conventional fossil fuelled cars. It is estimated, for example, that running an electric car costs 3 cents per mile as opposed to 15 cent per mile for a conventional car.

Ireland is considered a leader in the global EV initiative with demography and political support making Ireland one of the most suitable locations in the world for a large-scale roll-out of EVs. Indeed, such is Irelandís determination to be a leader in eMobility, the necessary conditions - including the cash, cars and charging points - are presently being put in place to allow for the successful adoption of EVs in Ireland now and in the near future.

These conditions include -

  • Grants of up to Ä5,000 and an exemption from Vehicle Registration Tax
  • Tax incentives for businesses to purchase electric vehicles
  • Ireland will be one of the first countries in the world to have a nationwide electric charging network
  • Trials and pilots are being conducted to test the infrastructure and collect the data necessary to examine driving trends, usage patterns as well as the new electric car lifestyle experience
  • The Government has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with several car manufacturers to roll out EVs in Ireland
  • Irelandís natural advantages in terms of wind and other renewables ensure a large proportion of the power used by EVs will be carbon free.

It is against this backdrop that Irelandís leading conference organisers - iQuest - believe the time is right to stage the Inaugural National Electric Vehicles Summit (NEVS). This innovative event is about making the most of the opportunities presented by EVs. It is about aligning objectives, creating partnerships and adopting business models to facilitate the entrance of EVs onto the Irish market. It will also look at the barriers to EVs becoming mainstream and being accepted by Irish consumers - a task that will be made a lot easier if the Arab states remain in turmoil and oil prices continue to rise.

Who Should Attend?

If you are in this space, this summit presents you with a not to be missed opportunity to meet the industryís key stakeholders and experts - all in the same place on the same day. They are ready and waiting to answer your questions, discuss opinions and share their knowledge and experience with you.

NEVS aims to attract senior-level executives and decision-makers from all stakeholders who will attend in order to network, do business and access knowledge on the latest developments, trends, strategies and policies. This includes executives from the following industries and organisations -

  • Utility Companies
  • Vehicle Manufacturers
  • Fleet Owners and Managers
  • Infrastructure Providers
  • Vehicles Distributors and Retailers
  • Service Providers
  • Regulatory and Government Agencies
  • Environmental Bodies
  • Banks, Finance & Investment
  • Law Firms and Academia.

Sponsorship & Exhibition Opportunities
If you would like to find out about sponsorship and exhibition opportunities at this event, contact:

Michael Nolan
on 087 238 2640 or email [email protected]

For more information - including full Programme & Speaker line-up - Click Here

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