Environmental Legislation

One Day Training Course

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Compliance with environmental legislation is a major challenge for all sectors of industry in Ireland. Environmental performance has become an important factor in the overall business strategy of Irish companies. At the same time, environmental issues are becoming increasingly complex.

Traditional ways of addressing environmental issues - in a reactive ad-hoc manner - are proving to be highly unsatisfactory. Environmental laws and regulations are becoming more stringent and are proving to be extremely onerous for business.

Environmental Legislation is a one-day course is designed for personnel who wish to gain an appreciation of Irish and EU environmental legislation.

On completion of the course, the attendees will -

Gain an overview of Irish and EU environmental legislation.

Gain an appreciation of the significance of environmental legislation in the context of Clause 4.3.2 'Legal and other requirements' and Clause 4.5.2 'Evaluation of Compliance' of ISO 14001.


Personnel who are responsible for monitoring the impact of environmental legislation on their company.

Personnel who are responsible for maintaining the Environmental Management System in their company.
Environmental Auditors.

Managers wishing to gain an understanding of the challenges to their business from environmental legislation.

The course will also be of interest to managers responsible for managing emissions to the various media - such as effluent discharges, emissions to atmosphere, hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Overview of environmental legislation in Ireland -

Planning & Development Act, 2000 and Planning & Development Regulations
EC (EIA) Regulations 1989 to 1999
Air Pollution Act, 1987 and related regulations
Local Government (Water Pollution) Acts, 1977 to 1990 and related regulations
Waste Management Act, 1996 and related regulations

EC (Control of Major Accident Hazards Involving Dangerous Substances) Regulations 2006
Access to Information on the Environment Regulation, 1998
Protection of the Environment Act, 2003
IPPC Licencing
Energy/Product Stewardship
Impending EU environmental legislation
Enforcement and Officer Liability
Offences and penalties for breaches of environmental legislation.


COURSE: Environmental Legislation - 1 day training course

DATE: Tuesday, 28th November 2006

VENUE: NSAI, Glasnevin, Dublin 9

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