Sustainable Energy Awards 06

The annual Sustainable Energy Awards are intended to encourage, recognise and reward excellence in energy management, performance and design in the industrial, commercial and public sectors in Ireland.

The awards will focus on individuals, groups and organisations who demonstrate a commitment to include energy management as part of their overall management structure and provide an opportunity for organisations - regardless of size - to gain public recognition for their achievements in reducing energy use and emissions. This is the third year of this national initiative - the only awards scheme recognising best practice in energy performance, management and design - and entries are now invited for the 2006 Awards.



ESB Customer Supply - the sponsor of the Awards - is committed to encouraging greater efficiency in the use of energy as one important part of protecting the environment for future generations.
As part of this commitment, ESB Customer Supply has had in place an active program supporting the effective use of energy by customers since the 1990's, which enables businesses to get the best value for money from their electricity usage.


Award Categories

Due to feedback from various participants during 2005, a number of changes have been made to enhance this year’s award scheme. A new category has been added for ‘Renewable Energy Projects’ and, where applicable, changes have been made to make the awards scheme more attractive to Small and Medium Enterprises.

There will be 15 awards under 7 categories in 2006 -

  • Category A - Coordinated Energy Management Programme
    The Coordinated Energy Management Programme category recognises organisations - regardless of size - that have taken a holistic approach to energy management and integrated it into their overall business practices. Entrants should demonstrate continued energy savings over a number of years. There will be three winners in this category - a public sector winner, a commercial winner and an industrial winner.
  • Category B – Electrical and/or Thermal Energy Efficiency Project
    Opportunities exist in all organisations to identify and implement electrical and/or thermal energy efficiency projects. This category is open to projects - regardless of size - that have delivered significant carbon dioxide and energy reductions over a number of years. There will be six prizes in this category - one each for large and small-to-medium enterprises within the industrial, commercial and public sectors.
    Large and small enterprises will be segregated by an energy spend cut-off - Industry spend cut-off of €1,000,000, Commercial spend cut-off of €300,000, Public Sector cut-off of €250,000. (e.g. large industry entrants will have an energy spend > €1,000,000, with small to medium industry entrants having an energy spend < €1,000,000).
  • Category C – Renewable Energy Project
    Rising energy prices - and the availability of proven technologies - has lead to an increased demand for renewable energy systems to provide heat and electricity requirements for end users. Renewable energy systems allow users to source their energy requirements within Ireland - thereby reducing dependence on fossil fuel imports, leading to increased security of energy supply.
    The goal of this category is to find innovative examples of highly integrated renewable energy systems used in SME and Public Sector Buildings. There will be one prize in this category.
  • Category D – Energy Awareness Campaign
    An effective energy awareness campaign encourages people at all levels within an organisation to change their behaviour with regard to energy use. This award recognises and encourages the development of the people dimension of energy management within the organisation. There will be two prizes in this category - one each for large and small-to-medium enterprises. Large and small enterprises will be segregated by an energy spend cut-off of €300,000.
  • Category E – Energy Service or Supply Company
    Energy service and supply companies have an excellent opportunity to promote energy efficient practices and products. The competition for energy service or supply company is open to all companies that supply and/or maintain energy related equipment, services, and consultancy to the industrial, commercial and public sectors. There will be one prize in this category.
  • Category F – Excellence in Building Design or Specification
    Decisions that are made at the design and specification stage, impact on energy use throughout the life of a building. This award underlines the importance of 'getting things right' from the start. The award is for the design or specification of a commercial or public building to achieve energy performance exceeding commonly accepted norms. There will be one prize in this category.
  • Category G – Energy Manager of the Year
    The energy manager of the year award is presented to the individual or team that demonstrates ongoing reductions in energy use through effective energy management techniques and technologies. In addition to understanding the factors affecting energy use, successful energy managers develop relationships throughout their companies so that they can influence and motivate energy users and decision makers. Regular attendance at conferences, training courses and seminars ensure that the organisation is aware of current issues affecting energy use and cost. There will be one prize in this category.


How to enter

Complete the entry form (Word format or pdf format ) and return to SEI ON OR BEFORE FRIDAY, 28th APRIL 2006 .

  • The name and contact details of the person or company to be considered for the awards should be entered in Section 1.
  • The person nominating the above should be included in Section 2, unless you are nominating yourself.
  • In Section 3, indicate the award categories that you would like to enter by checking the appropriate boxes.
  • The entrant will then be issued with a questionnaire for each category entered, which must be completed and returned to SEI on or before Friday 2nd June 2006.
  • Finalists will be short-listed in each award category and these will be notified in due course.

Entries should be sent to:

Sheila Judge
Sustainable Energy Ireland
Dublin 9

Tel: (01) 808 2067
Fax: (01) 837 2848
Email: [email protected]

Finalists will be invited to the Gala Awards Dinner in Dublin on the 16th November 2006, where the winners will be announced.

For further information - Click Here



  • Nominations and completed questionnaires may be received via email, fax or post.
  • Nominations should be received no later than Friday 28th April 2006.
  • Completed questionnaires should be received no later than Friday 2nd June 2006.
  • All nominations and completed questionnaires will be acknowledged by SEI.
  • In all matters relating to this competition, the judges’ decision will be final.
  • The awards will be presented at a gala awards ceremony on the 16th November 2006.
  • Entries will be accepted from industrial, commercial and public sector organisations in Ireland and from service /supply companies serving that market.
  • Approval for publicity is implied as part of taking part in the Sustainable Energy Awards competition.
  • Projects entered for consideration in categories B, C, and F must have been completed on or after 1st January 2004.
  • Winners from the 2005 Sustainable Energy Awards are not allowed enter the 2006 Awards under the same category.




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