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As an experienced cleaning contractor, Tara Support Services Limited supplies all-in-one surface solutions. The company's range of services has been developed through experience and includes the removal of graffiti, together with a comprehensive selection of preventative products and other surface solutions.

Tara Support Services has many years experience in the removal and treatment of all types of graffiti from all types of surfaces and structures. The services the company offers its customers may involve once-off removals and treatments of residential properties, to long-term contracts with Local Authorities, Transport Companies, Retail Parks and other businesses. Site visits can be arranged to give full specifications to solve graffiti problems or to give advice on the products necessary for clients' use.



One of the best deterrents to graffiti is to consistently remove it.
Doing so quickly and efficiently means that the graffiti artist becomes discouraged and stops offending. 
Tara Support Services has used this 'no tolerance' system within all areas of its business with significant results over recent years.

Tara Support Services can offer a graffiti-free environment using one of these procedures -

A 'once-off' removal
Abatement or planned maintenance programmes
Community removal kits
Professional advice
A designated date dedicated to remove graffiti in a scheduled and timely manner
An ad hoc service
A managed programme to source, report and eradicate graffiti in client locations.

Graffiti and surface defacement is not an isolated problem, but it often relates to other crime and disorderly problems - and the initial appearance of one piece of graffiti usually attracts more.



Tara Support Services recognises that graffiti and vandalism - and the damage of surfaces - directly victimises people, businesses and any organisation wishing to give an excellent level of customer service.

Tara has undertaken research to find the best products and services available in the market-place today.

The solution adopted depends upon the type of damage, where it is located and on what surface - each problem requires a different approach. Within its specialised products and services, Tara has everything needed to deal with the issue -

  • World leading chemicals
  • Soda & olivine blasting units
  • High pressure hot power washers
  • HVLP & airless spray painting systems
  • Buffing out etched glass windows
  • Testing equipment that matches paint to within 99% of original colour.

The choice of product for a particular situation requires consideration of the substrate, type of graffiti, age of graffiti and localised circumstances. Tara Support Services' team of experts are constantly available to advise clients on the company's range of exclusive products.

ELITE Graffiti Remover is an easy to use liquid graffiti remover with deep penetration and fast-acting power for exterior surfaces.

It has been specifically designed and formulated for use on the exterior surfaces most commonly targeted for graffiti.
These surfaces include - masonry, brick, stone, mild steel, stainless steel, painted surfaces and wood surfaces.

The main differences between ELITE and other graffiti removal agents are -

  • A dramatic reduction in the time needed to remove the graffiti - one application is 99% effective, with no resulting damage to the underlying surface;
  • ELITE Graffiti Remover takes all the graffiti off the surface within minutes, while other products can take multiple applications and hours of time.
SAFE Graffiti Remover is a strong, fast-acting, biodegradable liquid graffiti remover for exterior and interior surfaces. SAFE Graffiti Remover safely penetrates and loosens the graffiti on surfaces and makes it easy to remove.
It can be used to remove graffiti on many different surfaces - including - pre-finished metal and powder coated products such as colour bonded fencing, utility boxes, traffic signs, painted metal surfaces and many other surfaces.

SAFE Graffiti Remover enables removal in minutes on all the typical metal surfaces - saving customers significant time and labour. With less time and labour spent on each individual graffiti removal job, customers can get 2, 3 even 4-times as many graffiti removal jobs accomplished per shift. In addition, customers will not be spending labour in buying paint to paint over the graffiti on signal boxes anymore - or repairing or repainting surface damage from inappropriate graffiti removal products.

All the company's systems, practices and procedures embrace and fully comply with government legislation and guidelines.

Tara guarantees a service that works. The company removes in excess of 1000m2 of graffiti every week throughout Ireland and the UK. As an ISO-registered company, Tara's quality speaks for itself.

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