TechRec wants your WEEE!

TechRec, the only WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) processing facility in Ireland, is opening its doors in 51 Park West, Dublin 12 to the general public, on Saturday 7th October, 2006 from 10am to 4pm - as part of National Recycling Week. The aim of the day is to encourage Irish consumers to become more recycling conscious and do their part in the 'race against waste'.

TechRec is asking the public to bring old, disused or unwanted electronic goods - such as irons, toasters, kettles, battery toys, mobile phones, dishwashers and fridges - to their recycling plant.

There, the TechRec team will be waiting to show how one of the most modern WEEE processing plants in Europe processes your old electrical equipment into reusable raw materials

Officially opened by Minister for the Environment, Dick Roche TD - and the EU Environment Commissioner, Stavros Dimas - earlier this year, TechRec is leading the way in electrical waste management in Ireland. Currently, 70 % of WEEE is exported to the UK and elsewhere and TechRec are now changing this trend by being the first fully automated recycling service capable of recovering 95 per cent of all throughput on site and exporting up to 28,000 tonnes of recovered raw materials - including iron and steel, aluminium, plastics granules, CRT glass and precious metals fractions - for reuse in manufacturing.

Commenting on its open day, TechRec Managing Director, Gerry Killen said - "In today's market, the majority of WEEE is still exported by various means for recycling purposes. TechRec is Ireland's first physical recycling enterprise in Ireland, not only to operate a highly efficient automated operation processing 40 tonnes of material per day, but also - through our We3 Software System - offering the most comprehensive tracking and information reporting available in this sector."

TechRec will shortly be providing a processing service for the greater Dublin area, via WEEE Ireland Limited - the largest compliance scheme for handling WEEE in Ireland.

Dubliners and businesses will now be aware that they can dispose of their WEEE - cost effectively - to a company on their doorstep - safe in the knowledge that their products are not being mishandled or shipped to a non compliant overseas operator.

TechRec Ireland Ltd is a subsidiary of One51 Ltd (Formerly IAWS Co-op Ltd ) and Europe's leading Electonic Waste Processors, Immark AG of Switzerland and the Management are also shareholders. TechRec Ireland represents an investment of over 10m in recycling in Ireland.

TechRec Ireland Ltd and TechRec NI Ltd are the only WEEE Recycling and materials recovery facilities on the island of Ireland - handling all ten categories of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). All equipment is recycled in Ireland, using the most up-to-date technology (the company does not export WEEE for processing). TechRec also employs the most up-to-date WEEE Software - allowing the company to provide clients - and all statutory bodies - with the most comprehensive WEEE reporting available on the market today.

White Goods Recycling
The process TechRec uses for white goods recycling - more commonly known as Large Domestic Appliances (LDA) - is fully Annex II compliant and all hazardous components are removed before the LDAs are processed through the company's facilities for the recovery of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and plastics.

Fridge Recycling
Fridges from the ROI are collected and shipped - under TFS - to the company's fridge recycling plant in Dungannon, Northern Ireland. TechRec NI processes fridges to the highest standards - capturing all CFC gases - before recovering ferrous metals, non ferrous metals and plastics.

TV Recycling
TVs and computer monitors are dismantled and the plastics, PCB Boards and the deflector gun are removed manually and processed through the facility. The glass is then recovered - using special equipment, designed to separate the panel glass from the funnel glass, which is then sent for reuse in the manufacture of new TVs and Computer Monitors.

B2B WEEE Compliance
As well as providing a comprehensive WEEE Recycling service, TechRec can also advise and assist companies with B2B self compliance. The company has a "WEEE Waste Management Plan" template and service contract. This plan has been designed to meet the requirements of the Irish WEEE Waste Regulations 2005 and the EPA has accepted this as meeting the requirements of B2B self compliance.

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Public service open day

Saturday 7th of October 2006



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