Avantium launches FLOWRENCE™


Avantium Technologies has announced that it has successfully launched FLOWRENCE™ - a new parallel flow reactor platform for fixed bed catalyst testing.

Avantium has supplied the first systems to major oil and petrochemical companies in Europe and the US. The new system allows researchers to test sixteen heterogeneous catalysts in parallel at small-scale, under conditions, scalable to industrial application.

The FLOWRENCE™ incorporates several years of Avantium's high-throughput catalyst testing experience and is the result of extensive technology development" - says Tom van Aken, Chief Executive Officer of Avantium. "We are proud to have a leading oil company as our launching customer and have gained serious interest from many other oil refining and chemical companies. This is great recognition of what we have achieved in developing this high-throughput technology."

Avantium's FLOWRENCE™ equipment enables customers to implement high-throughput heterogeneous catalyst testing in their laboratories. The FLOWRENCE™ enhances research capabilities of chemical and oil companies, increasing the pace and productivity of research.

Avantium has developed several proprietary techniques that make the FLOWRENCE™ a unique system. In addition to Avantium's automated instrumentation and data handling software, the technology transfer of FLOWRENCE™ comes with know-how and intellectual property rights - as well as installation, support and training, tailored to customer needs.

In 2005 Avantium decided to commercialise part of its proprietary, in-house research systems by setting up the Avantium Tools business. Other products in Avantium Tools' business include Crystal16™ and Block96™.

FLOWRENCE™ is a parallel, fixed-bed reactor system suited for gas and liquid phase, as well as trickle flow operation. It has developed from 'Nanoflow' technology - originating from Shell - which was transferred to Avantium at its foundation in 2000.

Many improvements by Avantium - including proprietary pressure regulation, reactor design, robust automation, data-storage, optimal size and increased number of reactors - were implemented in the FLOWRENCE™ reactor system.

The FLOWRENCE™ units at Avantium have proven their versatility and applicability in a wide variety of catalytic processes - such as hydrogenation, desulphurisation, gas-to-products, water-gas shift, hydrotreating and others. Each FLOWRENCE™ unit can be tailored to specific applications.

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