Clonakilty company scores 'hat-trick'


Dunstar Ltd - based in the West Cork town of Clonakilty - have had their pioneering efforts in renewable energy technologies recognised by three awards at the Plan Expo Product of the Year Awards 2006, which took place towards the end of last year at the RDS in Dublin.

The awards included -

  • Best Innovation Award Winner
  • Best Renewable Product - and
  • Overall Winner.

The awards relate to a patented combined heating and cooling geothermal system developed by the company and installed in a number of prestigious buildings around the country. Combining the heating and cooling outputs of a Ground Source Heat Pump offers a cost effective and environmentally sensitive solution to buildings with heating and cooling loads - load requirements which sometimes exist simultaneously.

In place of conventional air cooled chillers and a boiler plant, a geothermal resource can act as a thermal source or sink. While the initial capital cost is higher, running costs are lower - with reductions of up to 75% possible when compared to conventional systems.

When simultaneous loads exist, one of these loads is being satisfied free of charge. If additional heat input or heat dumping is required, the geothermal reservoir is brought into play. Operating co-efficients of performance of up to 8.0 are achievable.

The system is particularly effective when a dehumidification requirement exists. The energy released when removing moisture from the air is re-used within the same system in order to re-heat the air stream.

The application of this technology offers building designers - and their customers - not only running costs and environmental impact savings - it also allows for cooling loads to be dealt with without the need for visible external plant or noisy external fans.

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Dunstar Ltd.
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