AZURA road sweepers suck it fast and clean


Mathieu Yno of France, a manufacturer of compact, motorised street sweepers, has launched the GRAND AZURA and AZURA CONCEPT street sweepers. The GRAND AZURA is the first multi-purpose and fast-driving compact street sweeper, whereas the AZURA CONCEPT offers a multi-dimensional sweeping system in a very compact vehicle.

Both models combine technical performance with design quality, while complying with the strictest environmental standards.

The GRAND AZURA has a patented hanging-suction turbine with an airflow of 14,000m³/h, as well as a multi-adjustable sweeping system with an integrated search device. A large-diameter suction tube (250mm) completes the system. Its optimised empty weight of 4.6 tonnes gives it a payload of 5.4 tonnes. The composite fibres used during construction, increase the robustness of the street sweeper. Using a system for the rapid fitting / removal of its tank, GRAND AZURA can be used as a street sweeper, road washer or even as a salt spreader.

The GRAND AZURA is highly suitable for use on roads – its travelling speed can be adjusted to 40 or 80km/h. Its two or four-wheel steering (which does not project to the rear) and its dimensions (length 4,600mm x width 1,600mm) enable it to work in the narrowest places. It also has a European Union road certification.

GRAND AZURA satisfies environmental requirements, as it conforms to EU standards concerning the emission of particles and gaseous pollutants. It also meets customers’ design requirements, with its style inspired by the automotive industry. Finally, it complies with noise-reduction requirements, through the use of appropriate materials.

The AZURA CONCEPT - the latest in the company’s range - draws on the 10 years of experience that Mathieu Yno has in the field. Its design took two years to finalise and is the result of a close partnership between a product-approval advisor and a car design consultancy. It has a multi-dimensional sweeping system with brushes that may be adjusted independently of each other for forward or reverse sweeping, which is both practical and effective. Its suction power is equal to that of a high-capacity vehicle, at 13,000m³/h. It is a very compact vehicle (length 3,900mm x width 1,230mm) and can clean the most confined spaces.

The AZURA CONCEPT’s road-holding qualities stem from years of automotive research. The manufacturers of the vehicle’s security components (particularly the brakes and suspension) have validated the fitting and the performance of these elements on the AZURA CONCEPT. Its spacious cabin enables on-the-spot visual monitoring of the work being carried out.

Like the GRAND AZURA, the AZURA CONCEPT street sweeper complies with the strictest regulations concerning the releasing of particles and greenhouse gases. Its low noise level is due to advanced acoustics and design studies. It fits in well with urban traffic flows thanks to its smooth design, following a long series of performance and endurance tests.

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