Reduced calibration & bump testing costs with
the new Checkbox IMH


Crowcon's new CheckBox IMH (Instrument Management Hub) automates the calibration and bump testing of portable gas detectors - reducing operation time and so reducing costs. A bump test applies a gas mixture to a detector to check whether the sensors are working within acceptable response limits. The station can test up to 10 Crowcon detectors at once - calibrating, bumping and uploading data files as required.



By allowing both pumped and non-pumped detectors to be calibrated and tested using the same procedure - with no additional operator involvement required - the CheckBox IMH greatly simplifies the whole process. All data is permanently recorded, ensuring traceable records and can be uploaded and saved for future access. Gas lot or batch numbers and expiry dates can also be entered into the CheckBox IMH records and printed on certificates.

The station supports up to eight gas inlets. One inlet provides air for zeroing - with the remaining inlets allowing up to seven different calibration gases (or a combination of gas mixes) to be tested. When testing standard four-gas monitors (flammable, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide and carbon monoxide), the device supports the use of quad-mixed calibration gas - minimising calibration time and gas usage.

The CheckBox IMH optimises gas bottle usage between single and mixed gases by automatically determining the best gas bottle or combination of bottles to calibrate each detector. It does this by comparing the sensor combination to the gas bottles attached to the system.

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