Bale compactors for industry, hotels, supermarkets, hospitals etc.


DT-1000B and 1500B are bale compactors for waste from packaging - such as paper, carton (cardboard) and PVC materials.

Carton boxes and other types of waste take up much space and give you high costs for the removal of such waste and garbage. With its large capacity, the Delitek compactors are an effective solution to this problem.

The Bale compactors share the same robust design as the other Delitek compactors. They are not limited to be placed indoors, as they are designed to be placed outdoors. This is necessary - especially if they are used in a corrosion aggressive environment, such as in the fish-industry or onboard a vessel and other marine environments.

These compactors have large capacity press chambers, combined with a large loading hatch, which make it easy to deploy waste. No need for time consuming pre-cutting of carton boxes etc.

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