Eco kettle - saves water, saves time, saves energy


The Eco Kettle looks like a stylish electric jug kettle in appearance, but it has a special feature that allows the user to fill the kettle to its maximum - and then allows them to boil one to eight cups according to their requirements.

Until now, accurately measuring the amount of water to be boiled in your kettle has been all but impossible.

The result? - it is estimated that, on average, we boil twice the volume of water needed every time. This means twice as much energy and twice as much time.

With a 3kW kettle, that’s the same as wasting the energy of around 50 light bulbs.

The new ECO Kettle is different - the internal reservoir holds a full capacity of water ready for use, while the measuring button allows any quantity – from a single cupful to full capacity – to be released into the separate chamber for boiling. The result? - exactly the right amount of water every time you boil –and no more waste.

In the UK, the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) have quantified how important this is with the following statement - "If everyone boiled only the water they needed to make a cup of tea instead of 'filling' the kettle every time, we could save enough electricity to run practically all the street lighting in the U.K."

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