eco-cube - saving water in school


A growing number of schools and institutions in the UK are successfully managing to save millions of litres of fresh water a year. These environmentally-aware establishments have placed eco-cube into their washrooms and, as a result, are saving precious fresh water and also saving considerable sums of money in the process.

eco-cube is a proven system that uses microbial technology - converting standard washroom urinals or troughs into water-less urinals. The unique system uses naturally occurring microbes and does not require any regular flushing-water to convert any washroom into a healthier and more hygienic environment.

The active eco-cube microbes are highly effective as they naturally disrupt the processes that normally cause the familiar problems with urinals.

Scott Johnston, Director of eco-works ltd, the company that manufactures eco-cube says - "The average urinal in a washroom flushes 151,000 litres of fresh water a year. This can be cut to zero when eco-cube is used. Schools, local authorities and businesses do not realise just how much water wastage there is in the washroom - particularly when they add up the number of flushing urinals in their washrooms.

"With the rising cost of water and sewage rates in the UK, establishments are realising the considerable financial savings that can be made."

One school that has been using eco-cube in all of their washrooms is St James School for Senior Boys in Twickenham, Middlesex. With 300 pupils in attendance, the washrooms at the school are busy places. Before the eco-cubes were used, St James School was flushing fresh water every 15 minutes into the urinals to try to keep them clean - even through the night.

"We were using vast quantities of water to try to keep our boys washrooms clean. However, since we have been using eco-cube, we have cut down our water usage to zero and, as a result, the water and sewage savings are considerable. We do not get the foul smells that were emitted from the drains anymore and, in fact, we have nothing but positive comments from both the school staff and the cleaners regarding the improved state of the washrooms" - says John Hay, Property Manager of St James School.

eco-cube is helping similar schools, councils and businesses across the country - small and large - to save water - from pubs, clubs, shopping centres and offices, to institutions with hundreds of urinals.

Implementation of the eco-cube is immediate - with no urinal modifications required, other than to turn off the running water to the urinals.

eco-cube works effectively as the friendly bacteria break-down lime scale, uric scale and ammonic salts naturally - ensuring there are no bad odours or scale build-up that could cause future blockages or smells. eco-cube works without the use of any harmful or hazardous chemicals and is 100% environmentally friendly.

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