Irish Concrete Manufacturers Reduce CO2 emissions by over 1000 tonnes a day, by using Ecocem Green cement


The majority of concrete manufacturers in Ireland are now using Ecocem cement to replace ordinary cement.

This Green cement is manufactured from a recycled industrial by-product and is currently enabling Irish concrete manufacturers to make a major contribution to achieving Ireland's Kyoto targets. Their use of this cement results in daily savings of over a 1000 tonnes of CO2 emissions - the equivalent of taking 250 cars off the road for a year and saving 300 years of electricity in the average Irish home.

Within the next few months, Ecocem will reach a significant milestone - the saving of million tonnes of CO2 emissions since the commencement of production at Dublin Port in 2004. This is due to the very rapid adoption of this award-winning cement by concrete manufacturers.

Already in 2006, over three million cubic meters of concrete have been poured containing Ecocem in Ireland.

Conor O'Riain, Business Development Manager at Ecocem, commented - "We are delighted with the response from the concrete industry for our product and this clearly shows their commitment to sustainable development in Ireland. With the support of the concrete manufacturers, we are currently reducing Ireland's output of greenhouse gasses by approximately 300 000 tonnes every year. Ecocem is the most important emissions reduction project in Ireland."

The benefits of using Ecocem in concrete are now being fully exploited by the construction industry in Ireland. Increased durability, enhanced appearance and the associated environmental benefits have made it the cement of choice for all concrete - including numerous high-profile projects such as the new Eircom Headquarters, the Cork Civic Offices, the Charlestown Centre Development and all the national motorways.

About Ecocem cement -

  • Ecocem cement is produced in Ireland from a recycled industrial by-product - no natural resources are used in its manufacture
  • Some 970 kg - almost one tonne of CO2 - is released into the atmosphere in the manufacture of one tonne of ordinary Portland cement - whereas, only 60 kg (94% less) is released from one tonne of Ecocem cement
  • Ecocem cement will reduce the CO2, NOx and SO2 emissions of concrete by over 50%
  • It will reduce the embodied energy in concrete by over 40%
  • Because of its technical superiority (greater strength and durability than OPC), it will significantly increase the service life of concrete - enhancing sustainable development
  • Because of its near-white color, it gives concrete a lighter, brighter appearance
  • Its use prevents the occurrence of efflorescence - and
  • it costs less than ordinary Portland cement.

For more information, contact: Conor on - 087 124 6322