Free software to manage IPPC environmental data


Environmental Efficiency has just announced a revised version of their IPPC Data Manager package.

This package is aimed at all companies with an IPPC licence, as it will allow users to meet the EPA requirement stated in most new licences - i.e. 'The licensee shall, within six months of the date of grant of this licence, develop and establish a Data Management System for collation, archiving, assessing and graphically presenting the environmental monitoring data generated as a result of this licence'.

To use the package to draw graphs, the user selects the emission point name, the date range and one or more parameters. The graph is drawn in less than 10 seconds and displayed within Excel. If only one parameter is selected, the graph will show the Emission Limit Value and Average in addition to the concentration for the date range.

In addition to a graph showing concentration of the parameter, the package will also generate '% compliance'. These enable the compliance - or otherwise - of a large number of parameters for an emission point to be shown on one graph. This graphing facility allows the user to 'assess and graphically present' the data as required by the EPA.

Other options within the package hide or display data markers, define how missing results are to be treated, whether MDL and ELV limits are to be plotted and allow either a log or linear Y axis.

Environmental Efficiency offers this package free of charge to all its monitoring clients - with free technical support. A data set of monitoring results is then emailed on a regular basis. The data base is a subset of Environmental Efficiency's custom LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) and thus ensures that there are no errors introduced.

For firms who wish to transfer their monitoring contracts to Environmental Efficiency, the package has a 'foreign data' import facility.

In addition to meeting the EPA's requirements, the package will be of great benefit to the production of the Annual Environmental Report.

For further information or trial versions please contact -

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