mai - The Complete Health, Safety & Environmental Suite


EHA Soft Solutions was formed in 2002 - specialising in safety, health and environmental management information products to address the needs of the pharmaceutical, medical, manufacturing, construction and technology sectors.

The company's product development has been undertaken in partnership with the relevant leading World Class companies to ensure that its product was fully ready for the open market.

The mai Health, Safety and Environmental Suite takes the toil out of HSE management and delivers analytical power to clients' fingertips so that they can achieve real value for their companies.

Based on to simple-to-use web technology for plant-wide access which can be easily incorporated within business processes, the MAI suite comprises an integrated set of application modules which support the many different aspects of day-to-day business management.

The modular design provides the flexibility to allow Safety, Health and Environment Managers to implement application functionality as needs and budget dictate.

The many features include -

  • One complete platform that integrates and expands with business needs.
  • Easy-to-use web based interface.
  • Standardised risk management methodology across multiple site and departments.
  • Allows process owners to update risk assessment in their own areas.
  • Easy configurable reporting tools.
  • Real-time visualisation of all risk categories within any business.
  • Plant-wide access to information.
  • Decreases the burden of a paper based system.

Benefits -

  • Tedious and repetitive tasks are made simple, error free and straightforward - critical in obtaining ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, etc. certifications.
  • An intuitive interface guides clients through each step in a consistent manner.
  • Reduced training time and costs - users operational quickly and easily.
  • Corporate reporting made easy.
  • Single, consistent presentation of information for better quality decisions across all sites.
  • Risk management information kept up to date with full change control features built in.
  • On-time report filing to internal and external agencies.
  • Mitigates the risk of severe impacts to company business.
  • Demonstrates continual improvement.
  • Improved productivity will allow resources to be redeployed.

For further information, contact -

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