Elan's miniature USB test equipment family grows


Following the successful launch of the tiny pen-style USBscope50 for high performance analysis in situations where portability is key, Elan Digital is adding three more members to the growing family of test equipment.

The USBwave12 is a high performance function generator with a 0 to 12.5Mhz frequency range, with 0.2Hz resolution and 0 to +/10V amplitude range with a 20mV resolution - as well as 0 to +/-10V offset range with 20mV resolution.

Next in the range is the USBpulse100, a pulse/clock generator with a 0 to 100MHz frequency range and square wave 50% duty output or variable duty cycle. It has continuous run or single pulse capability with pulse widths from 10ns to 10s.

Last, but not least, is the USBcount50, which is a frequency/period counter, measuring frequencies from 0.1Hz to 50MHz and uses reciprocal counting for low frequencies. It has pulse width and duty cycle measurement with resolution of 20ns as well as data logging capability.

Along with the USBscope50 - which offers the same small form factor with high performance normally associated with much larger bench type oscilloscopes (such as 50Msps 8-bit single shot and 1Gsps equivalent time sampling) - all the unitsí inputs feature 300V Cat II galvanic isolation from the USB port, thereby protecting your PC and its data.

All the units are powered via the USB port and can be stacked together to provide either multi-channel instrumentation - or, alternatively, stacked in combination with the USBscope50 to provide multi-function capability.

Each unit comes with its own software for 98SE/2K/XP and a free demo download of the USBScope50 is available - Click Here

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In recent years Elan Digital has expanded its design expertise to include USB, Express Card and SD technologies and has focused its design efforts on unique products for the fast-growing mobile datacomms market. Elan Digital has ISO9001 (2000) approval.

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