Flovent Software wins controlled environments' Expert's Choice Award


Flomerics has announced that its Flovent software for airflow prediction in buildings has been awarded the Expert's Choice Award for Software from Controlled Environments Magazine.

Flovent software was selected by an independent panel of judges as the best software package in the contamination protection and controlled environment industry. The award stated that - "No matter how complex the airflow application is, this modeling software enables the user to understand it more comprehensively through the medium of virtual reality and computer 3-D animation."

Dr. Andy Manning, Director of Engineering for Flomerics, Inc. said - "We are extremely pleased that Controlled Environments Magazine has recognised the industry-leading capabilities of Flovent software through their Expert's Choice Award."

The Experts Choice Award is designed to recognise and reward superior products, technologies and facilities in the contamination prevention and controlled environment industry.

"We are particularly gratified by this award, because we have worked hard to provide the features needed by the controlled environment industry in Flovent" - Manning added. "Flovent was the first computational fluid dynamics software, developed specifically for designing ventilation systems for built environments. The software enables engineers to anticipate potential design flaws so that they can be remedied before the facility is constructed.

"It quickly and efficiently reveals areas of opportunity for improved performance in operating clean rooms. Finally, Flovent offers the ability to model a variety of options for both planned and operating cleanrooms so that the most economical solutions can be pursued with a high degree of confidence in their validity."

Flovent software from Flomerics reduces the time and skill required to simulate complex ventilation problems, because it is specially designed for applications in the built environment. Flovent provides tools that allow users to assemble models from libraries - avoiding the need to create them from scratch - and provides an environment that enables fast, automated design studies. Automated gridding and distributed processing across networks, streamlines the process of evaluating multiple iterations to optimise the design.

Flovent Version 6 offers improved 3D visualisation and enhanced treatment for glazed surfaces, curvilinear geometry, angled fans, centrifugal blowers, and air-recirculation devices. Support for the latest 64-bit computer processors is also now available.

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