Forbes GRP Tanks, Vessels & Silos


GRP (glass fibre reinforced plastic) tank technology is now accepted as standard in virtually every industry - from chemicals to food and water, microelectronics and offshore oil and gas.

The available sizes for these standard tanks is from 5000 to 160,000 litres capacity and from 2000 to 4111mm internal diameter (to suit standard mandrels).
Forbes are able to manufacture this range of GRP storage tanks using a variety of different specification materials selected for the appropriate chemical resistance. The company will always endeavour to recommend the most cost effective solution to customer requirements.

Filament winding manufacturing techniques do not produce the ideal glass/resin ratio for process plant applications, so, therefore, Forbes invested in a massive installation for the production of cylindrical GRP shells by the 'chop-hoop' winding process.

Automated controls constantly monitor the rate of deposition of both glass and resin and provide detailed quality records. The laminate is particularly strong and economical and combines the advantages of winding and spraying techniques - notably considerable multidirectional strength and enhanced inter-laminar shear when compared to filament winding.

All Forbes GRP tank products are designed and constructed to comply with BS4994:1987 - THE DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION OF VESSELS AND TANKS IN GLASS REINFORCED PLASTICS.

BS4994 covers the design, manufacture, transport and installation of tanks and vessels in GRP materials. It is an extremely thorough and stringent standard but does not cover any aspect of the manufacture of tanks in other materials such as metals or freestanding thermoplastics.

Where necessary, tanks will be post-cured in accordance with the resin manufacturer's specifications, to ensure optimum physical and chemical properties in order to achieve maximum performance from the laminates. Forbes' massive post-curing oven - fitted with a calibrated chart recorder - is over 5 metres in diameter and 13 metres long. It is capable of sustaining temperatures in excess of 100C over long periods.

Forbes standard PVT range of tanks offer superb value for money. Semi-automated manufacturing techniques also ensure low cost competitive products.

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