Mobile shredder developed in Warwickshire


In the UK, Warwickshire firm, GreenMech has developed a new mobile green waste shredder, mounted on a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vehicle. The Shredder Mobile is believed to be one of the first incidences of a shredder mounted directly onto a vehicle, rather than being towed as a separate unit.

GreenMech of Kings Coughton, near Studley, developed the Shredder Mobile with Worcester county council and Redditch borough council.

GreenMech chairman Tony Turner said - "We produce a comprehensive range of woodchippers and shredders, but this is the first time we have built a fully-mounted version. It is the only one of its kind and we aim to be selling three each month by this time next year."

The Shredder Mobile is compact, manoeuvrable and able to access areas a trailer cannot.

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