Intelligent Renewable Energy


The GridPoint Connect™ Series is the first product to intelligently manage renewable energy and provide instant backup power.

GridPoint’s "plug-and-play" products seamlessly combine power electronics, high-capacity battery storage and an Intel® Pentium®-based computer.

Backed by a comprehensive warranty and in compliance with UL safety standards, GridPoint Connect actively communicates with GridPoint’s operations center to ensure optimal performance. The result is reliable power in the event of an outage and an intelligent and automatic way to monitor your energy.

Protect Yourself from Power Outages
GridPoint Connect automatically and instantly provides clean, silent backup power and protection from power blackouts, brownouts and power sags for critical loads such as computers, refrigerators, security systems, heating systems and well pumps.

GridPoint’s network monitoring capabilities also assure reliable power is always available during an outage.

Monitor Renewable, Backup Power and Environmental Data
GridPoint Connect with GridPoint CentralSM (click here) - a personal Web portal - provides the amount of renewable energy produced and consumed, hours of backup power available and environmental data such as the amount of carbon dioxide emissions avoided by using renewable energy. GridPoint Central’s interactive energy estimator also determines the best use of backup power by appliance.

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