A web based tool for the identification of hazardous components of waste


The Clean Technology Centre, Cork Institute of Technology, is currently developing a web based version of its paper-based tool for the identification of hazardous components of waste. The paper-based tool has been available since 2001 and was commissioned by the Environmental Protection Agency - through its ERTDI project Procedure for the Identification of the Hazardous Components of Waste.

The paper tool has been generally accepted as a very worthwhile method for hazardous waste identification and has been widely utilised by companies, the EPA and local authorities in Ireland since its availability.

Since October 2004, CTC has been working with partners from 7 other EU Members states in developing a web-based version of that tool, that will both identify hazardous components of waste and also provide users with a training/guidance package on several aspects of hazardous waste management according to best practice principles - and in line with EU and national legislation, policies and programmes in those regions.

The online tool (called HAZTRAIN) will take users - in a simple step by step process - though the difficult and complex procedure of hazardous waste identification that is governed by EU and Irish legislation. The tool will also provide guidance and information to support an understanding of the legislation and how it works.

Just like the paper tool, it is specifically designed to show producers - or holders of waste - whether or not that waste is hazardous and it will provide those users with evidence of their findings that can then be shown to regulators and the appropriate authorities.

The project will run until September 2006, when the final product will be launched in each region (Ireland, Austria, Denmark, Portugal, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain).

HAZTRAIN is co-funded by the European Commission Leonardo da Vinci Community Vocational Training Action Programme (IRL/04/B/F/PP-153.225).

For further details, visit - www.haztrain.org

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