It’s time to In-Sink-Erat(or) your waste

With around 25% of the content of the average dustbin comprising of food waste, In-Sink-Erator, the world’s market leader for food waste disposers, provides a clean, hygienic and cost-effective solution to the problem of food waste disposal.


Fitted underneath your sink and connected to your normal kitchen waste pipes, In-Sink-Erator food waste disposers are designed to handle most kinds of food waste including chicken bones, peelings, fish, egg shells, nuts, leftovers and lots, lots more.

The food waste is ground into tiny particles in the disposer and flushed away through the normal waste system. There are no knives or blades, with the result that units are totally safe and quiet. After leaving the disposer, food waste particles reach the treatment plant in the normal way and are treated like other organic home waste.


A study compiled by the University of Wisconsin found that food waste is typically made-up of 70% water, and is therefore better suited to be processed in a wastewater treatment plant than in a waste facility for solid waste (eg: Landfill, incineration).

Europe’s appliance manufacturer’s trade body, CECED, recently adopted a position paper, which demonstrates that food waste disposers provide a hygienic and sustainable method of dealing with food waste, while in other European countries such as Italy and Norway, food waste disposers are an integral part of their waste management strategy.

Especially in situations where composting is not a viable alternative option for the disposal of food waste, food waste disposers provide an ideal solution for responsibly managing food waste, while helping the environment at the same time.

In a hot kitchen around this time of year, food waste can decay quickly - thus bringing about both odour and hygiene problems.

Flies and other insects are an extra nuisance. We can reduce the problem by emptying the pedal bin several times a day but that is not always convenient.

However, aside from pay-per-use charges for waste collection, surveys show that “taking out the rubbish” is now regarded as one of the most disliked household tasks.

Installing a disposer is straightforward for anyone who is reasonably skilled at DIY, but alternatively a specialist plumber should easily be able to fit it for you. In-Sink-Erator offers extensive in-home warranties backed by a national network of service agents throughout Ireland.

In-Sink-Erator waste disposal units have been retailed in Ireland since 1982 and are available from kitchen retailers, electrical and hardware stores.

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