Transportable SF6 Leak Detection


SF6 LeakCheck P1:p is designed for the location, leak testing and measurement of SF6 in high voltage electrical switchgear. The instrument uses Ion Science's Negative Ion Capture (NIC) technology, which eliminates the need to use the radioactive source ECD principle.

Therefore, LeakCheck has none of the problems of registration, storage and transportation associated with other radioactive based products.

LeakCheck is highly sensitive with a response of less than 1 second to even the smallest of leaks. Clear down is also less than 1 second and, importantly, the instrument is unaffected by large leaks - even 100% SF6 will not contaminate the detector.

Features include -

  • No radioactive detector
  • No argon or other pressurised gases required
  • Smart sensor technology, detachable probe
  • 1 second rise and clear down
  • Display units cc/sec, gm/yr and ppm
  • Touch screen with help menus
  • Lightweight 3 button handgun
  • Data storage and printing
  • No training required - switch on and go
  • Rugged Pelican case exterior
  • Large leaks present no contamination problems with rapid clear down
  • Ultra high sensitivity with a 1 x 10-8 ml/sec highsense option

Typical Applications include -

  • SF6 leak testing and measurement in high voltage switchgear
  • Breathing apparatus testing
  • Medical device testing
  • Glove & fume box: ASHRAE 110
  • Leak integrity assurance to ultra low levels on equipment containing sulfur hexafluoride and (H)CFC's in medical, refrigeration and air conditioning units.

Gases detected include -

  • SF6
  • FM200
  • HFC
  • HCFC

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