HYBEX® for demanding biomass


Kvaerner Power is an expert in bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) boilers for power generation from biomass and recycled fuel (20MWth - 300MWth).

The development of bubbling fluidized bed combustion began with the incineration technology for wood waste and sludge in the 1970s. The first industrial BFB boiler saw daylight in the mid-1980s and, since then, the company has been the supplier of successive record-size BFB units.

The major design innovation for Kvaerner Power's HYBEX® boilers using BFB technology in the mid-1990s, was the hydro beam floor – an advanced solution for removal of coarse material from the furnace. The world's largest biomass fired bubbling fluidised bed boiler has been installed at UPM-Kymmene's Kuusankoski pulp and paper mill in Finland since 2002. The 269 MWth HYBEX® boiler uses bark, forest residue, biosludge and peat as fuel.

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