Dust emissions compliance monitor


Land Instruments' Model 4500 MkII+ is a continuous dust emissions compliance monitor. It is for use on all types of industrial applications where dust emissions measurement is required.

This monitor carries a wide range of compliance and performance approvals - including those from the US-EPA, UK MCERTS and German TÜV. It can report data as either opacity, dust density or optical density. It features fully automatic calibration (vital for compliance monitoring), high accuracy and a range of measurement outputs, suitable for a plant control system.

There are also a large number of options to ensure optimum performance in specific plant operating conditions.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed for compliance applications - Approved to the latest standards
  • High reliability, low maintenance - No continuously moving parts
  • Automatic in-situ zero and span checking - Built-in calibration audit jig
  • Patented measurement technology - Unique "no-drift" zero check
  • Easily integrated into control system - RS232 or RS 485 serial Modbus interface

The Model 4500 MkII+ forms part of the highly successful 4000 series range of dust and opacity monitors.

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