NIVUS Pointing the way


The NIVUS group is one of the foremost developers, producers and suppliers of measurement equipment for water economy worldwide.

In the past the company has made every effort to acquire experience in the field of ultrasonic measurement technology. NIVUS have rendered real pioneering work in this area.

In cooperation with partners, NIVUS introduced the first ultrasonic level measurement units for industrial use in the 1970s on a wide base in central Europe. Many new products were rapidly developed on that basis.

Today NIVUS are capable of acting as a full-range supplier for measurement technology in the water economy.

The product range contains units for measuring flow, level, pressure, water quality, density and turbidity - as well as units required for data acquisition, data transfer, data logging and data evaluation. A comprehensive process control system with many special functions for water economy completes the product range.

The range of measurement analysis monitoring equipment from NIVUS has been specially designed for operation in the harsh conditions of the water and sewage industries. The company's aim is to combine a measurement transducer with as many process variables as possible - with a standardised and easily understandable user philosophy. It is this that led NIVUS to equip the unit with a large 16-line graphic display and a top-quality keyboard.

At NIVUS, the implementation of the highest possible standards at the lowest possible prices is always the priority - the result is the MONITOR.

Process variables such as pH, redox (ORP) and conductivity, dissolved oxygen and temperature can be recorded and displayed by the Monitor, either individually or in combination. In addition to temperature, two additional measurement values can be evaluated. 4 relays with independently adjustable boundary value outputs give unlimited possibilities for direct process control.

Features like simple DIN-rail mountability and high protection rating (IP65/NEMA4) are an excellent basis for on-site assembly. The signal behaviour of the enclosed sensors is intelligently monitored. The user automatically receives a notice when the probe is in need of servicing.

High electromagnetic compatibility and galvanic isolation between the sensor, the measurement electronics and the outputs reduce environmentally influenced disturbance effects. The uniform operation concept with a graphic display enables self-explanatory and easy menu-driven operation of the measurement transducer monitor, even without the need for operation instructions.

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