Well Cleaning and Rehabilitation


Cleaning of water supply wells is a cost-effective option for increasing well yield and improving water quality.

Biofilms and bacteria can significantly reduce the quality and yield of production wells. A deep and thorough clean can greatly improve the yield and quality and help to avoid expensive exploration of new water sources. Locating a new well can be risky and may not produce the same yield or quality.

Costs of drilling and infrastructure associated with establishing a new well are also expensive. Rehabilitation will potentially return the production yield to its original quality and quantity, making well cleaning a cost-effective and practical option.

O'Neill Ground Water Engineering Ltd (OGE) provides this service throughout Ireland from its base in Naas, Co Kildare. CCTV is used before and after cleaning - providing an insight into the structural nature of the well and a digital record of its status. The techniques include using a selection of brushes, jetting tools and steam cleaning, followed by a mixture of specially designed chemicals to remove biofilms and unwanted contaminants. Wells are shut down for a minimal length of time (approximately 3 days) and all work is undertaken by experienced and qualified staff.

OGE can also advise on aftercare and maintenance - such as ensuring the well head is kept clean and no contamination from the surface can impact on water quality. Long-term maintenance and pollution prevention plans can be recommended to safeguard the zone of contribution (ZOC).

Source Protection Plans also provide simple cost-effective solutions for protecting water supply wells. This may be a requirement under the water supply Remedial Action Plans.

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