Wire Line logging - Down Hole Geophysics


O'Neill Ground Water Engineering Ltd (OGE) offers specialist downhole geophysics technology for hydrogeological and geotechnical engineering.

The company's Irish-based service is quickly mobilised and available throughout Ireland.

Used to determine the structural integrity of boreholes, measure diameter, fracture depths and defines the damage to well casing.

Fluid Logs
Characterises fractures and fissures, percentage in flow at each fracture, potential sources of contamination providing hydrogeological solutions for the rehabilitation of wells.

E Logs
Electric Logs include resistively, SP & SPR technology used in lithological mapping to survey boreholes for geotechnical and geological applications.

Gamma Ray
This technology is used to log and cross correlate boreholes in specialised environments.

Enables the identification of corrosion and bio fouling and the development of a maintenance programme for production wells. Rehabilitation of wells can be planned without expensive redrilling and associated costs. Boreholes and coring can be investigated, producing a consistent record of structure and features.

Acoustic Televiewer
The ultimate tool in geophysical logging, the Acoustic Televiewer provides detailed 3D information on fractures, bedding plane, dipping and the orientation of the geological structure. This application can be used in site investigation projects, reducing the frequency and cost of coring.

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