Construction & Demolition Waste.... Top Tips for Site Managers


The cost of Waste Management for any business in the construction and demolition sector is estimated at 5% - or greater in some cases.

This has a major impact on 'bottom line' or profitability on an annual basis.

Added to this, new legislative requirements and voluntary initiatives, relating to pro-active waste and environmental management, have left many construction companies struggling with formulating best waste practice and environmental strategy - including rolling out practical site waste management measures.

Patel Tonra Ltd. have outlined 10 simple steps which construction Site Managers can take to implement good waste management practice on site or to improve and validate existing systems. These 'top tips' are further reinforced with a collation of information, web links and contact details which Site Managers will need in order to write effective Site Waste Management Plans and verify legal requirements in relation to waste management obligations.

There are also free downloads of a handbook for C&D; Waste Management in Ireland, aimed at Contractors and Site Managers and forms for waste management record-keeping.

Patel Tonra Ltd. designed and deliver the FÁS/Construction Industry Federation national training programme on Waste Management for Construction & Demolition Site Managers and are highly experienced in formulating waste/environmental strategy and offering workable solutions for the sector.

For further information, contact -

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