Eco-efficient toilet could save UK 1.85 billion litres of water daily


A revolutionary water-saving toilet could stop us flushing billions of litres of precious water down the drain every day and save billions of pounds in water supplies to drought-prone areas locally and globally.

The Propelair WC - designed and prototyped by Phoenix Product Development Ltd, which is based at the Knowledge Dock Business Centre at the University of East London (UEL) - uses an innovative displaced air flushing system requiring less than 1.5 litres of water per flush.
This is just a sixth of the 9 litres used by an average UK toilet.

The results of a 6 month trial, held at the Water Research Centre in Swindon between February and July, show that if every house in the UK were to install Propelair, 1.85 billion litres of water would be saved each day and the UK’s water needs would be reduced by up to 10%.

It has attracted praise from environmentalists, the Environment Agency and from Treasury minister Stephen Timms, who has followed the progress of the Propelair project.

Garry Moore, Managing Director of Phoenix Product Development - and creator of the Propelair system - said - “The importance of water conservation technology is now paramount, with properties across the UK facing the prospect of compulsory water metering and developers facing tighter restrictions on water use in both residential and commercial buildings. The Water Research Centre estimates that even a modest uptake of the Propelair system could create a saving of 140 million litres of water daily.”

Moore is currently talking to manufacturers and investors with a view to putting the Propelair system onto the market and is also seeking a partner for a large-scale trial of Propelair in a commercial or public building.

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