Compostable salad boxes from RAP


Innovative design and packaging solutions company, Rapid Action Packaging (RAP), has announced the launch of a new environmentally responsible salad packaging solution in partnership with Pret A Manger (Pret).
Pret was one of the first food retailers in the world to launch the Ďbio boxí for its range of fresh sandwiches.
Following on from the original carton sandwich wedge, designed and manufactured by RAP and introduced by Pret in the 1990s, the 'bio box' - also designed and manufactured by RAP - was the first fully compostable carton sandwich wedge.

Julian Metcalfe, Co-Founder of Pret - and Julian Money, Managing Director of RAP - have worked together to bring this latest packaging solution to Pretís customers.

Pret has long wished to present its market leading food offering in the newest, most innovative and most environmentally responsible packaging. Its desire for excellence, freshness and quality is perfectly complemented by RAP's ability to deliver the most uniquely designed, environmentally responsible packaging to replace oil-based plastic containers.

RAP's new carton salad trays with cellulose film windows have been introduced across all 150 of Pretís stores.

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