Sahara® Leak Location System


WRc Sahara Pipeline Inspection operates the Sahara Leak Location system, which allows pipeline operators to pinpoint leaks in large diameter pipes (>250mm diameter) in any material.

It can be used in live potable water mains with no disruption to customers.

Sahara® Pipeline Inspection has just launched a unique colour video camera facility enabling the inside of pressurised water mains to be viewed without having to close them down for inspection. This is a great addition to the Sahara system that can survey up to 2km in mains as small as 150mm (6”).

Chris Wilkes from South Staffordshire Water comments - "this is an extra tool in our armoury to inspect our pipes. This allows us to examine long lengths of pipe without isolation or disruption to customers."

The camera has already been used by several companies including Thames and Northumbrian Water to inspect mains and investigate fittings internally.

The Sahara system can be used for the effective management of new and existing pipelines -

  • Identify leaks and resulting unaccounted for water
  • Monitor general pipe condition through leakage
  • Indicate appropriate rehabilitation strategies
  • Locate leaks in newly laid mains during pre-commissioning
  • Aid risk assessment of mains near dams and embankments
  • Prove pipe integrity at critical network crossings (e.g. road and rail).

The benefits of Sahara include -

  • High sensitivity means all leaks are detected
  • Pinpoint accuracy reduces disruption and cost
  • High reliability means no "dry holes"
  • Real time operation gives results immediately
  • Leak size estimation allows prioritisation of repair
  • Use on live water mains with no disruption to customers.

For further information, contact:
Jayne Matwiejczyk
PR Department
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