McDonald's® save 20% on their energy costs with Semplice Energy


Semplice Energy, a provider of technically advanced energy saving and renewable energy solutions to reduce electricity consumption and CO2 emissions, has announced the results of its installation of a lighting voltage control system at a McDonald's franchise in Crewe in the UK.

The solution delivered exceptional results - producing a saving of 20% off the total electricity usage and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. The system is part of the Semplice Energy range of "Intelligent Voltage Management" products.

The system deployed at McDonald's is ideal for standard magnetic ballast discharge lighting systems, which are still found in the majority of retail stores and offices. A microprocessor in the system detects when new fluorescent lighting circuits are switched on and provides sufficient voltage for the lights to "fire up".

The system then runs the lights for a pre-defined time, before switching into energy saving mode. In this mode, the voltage supplied to the lights is carefully reduced. The amount of reduction depends on factors - such as the age of the lighting, cable run lengths, mains supply voltage level, etc. - and is determined when the system is commissioned.

Franchise owner, Mike Charles said that he was impressed with the range of products offered by Semplice Energy and is running trials in other areas where energy savings can be made, now that the lighting has been such a success. He said - "I understood from my Facilities Manager, Simon Hamlett, that the savings could be determined within minutes of installation, by taking electrical measurements - but I really wanted to see the difference in my utility bills and, therefore, we decided to run the trial for three months. In August alone, we saved 20% of our total electricity consumption against the same period last year."

Semplice Energy CEO, Mark Truswell, said - "We are delighted with these results. They are proof that an organisation can reduce their environmental impact, whilst enjoying a healthy financial pay-back."

The project is being supported by the Carbon Trust, which is offering an interest-free loan under the Energy- Efficiency Loan Scheme.

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