Shabra Group


Established in 1986 by Oliver Brady and Rita Shah, Shabra began modestly trading as a plastics manufacturing operation.

Within three years the company's growth curve allowed it to add another service - the overprinting and personalising of imported boutique bags.

Success breeds success and soon Shabra reinvested and began to manufacture its own plastic bags - initially using imported recyclate from Europe. Again, Shabra's entrepreneurial spirit showed that there was a market need for local recycling materials and the company began to invest in harvesting recyclate exclusively from Irish waste.

Shabra is now in the enviable position of having 100% of waste plastic requirements sourced locally.

Since its 1986 foundation, Shabra Group has the unique distinction of being Ireland's only integrated recycling, manufacturing and supply company in the field of plastics, packaging, disposables, paper bags, foil products, dissolvable labels and chemicals for the industrial and catering markets - among others.

An ever-increasing proportion of the company's business is the recycling of waste materials.

These include plastics of all types, wood, paper, cardboard and metals. Shabra is the only recycling manufacturer in Ireland to process plastic waste and is committed to the massive reduction of waste plastic nationwide.

The Shabra range of High-Fashion Carrier Bags includes -

  • Fantasy Fashion bags
  • Coloured bags
  • Christmas bags
  • Valentine bags
  • Bottle bags - and
  • Animal Print bags.

Shabra products also include Polythene plastic bags and sacks of all sizes, Shrinkfilm, Black recycled sacks, Bags on the roll, Pallet wrap and Heavy-duty sacks. Together with the manufacture of plastics bags/sacks, the company also supplies paper bags and packaging - manufactured and printed to clients' specifications - as well as a wide range of catering disposables, janitorial supplies and chemicals for catering and industrial applications.

For further information, contact -

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