Trane launches new range in Great Britain and Ireland


Trane has launched a range of products in Great Britain and Ireland. The new CLCE Air Handling Units and HFR/HFH Slim-Line Fan Coils demonstrate Trane’s continued investment in solutions dedicated to the British and Irish markets. These products are easy to maintain and provide both comfort and energy efficiency.

The Trane HFR range is the most economical solution for office and hotel applications. The slim-line fan coils use the latest technology to ensure both high energy efficiency and excellent comfort for the building’s occupants. Thanks to its compact design, the unit is easily integrated into all offices, large meeting rooms and hotel halls.

As well as offering effective cooling and heating, the Trane HFR range offers benefits, such as - low sound levels, optimum indoor comfort and a low life-cycle cost.

Specially designed for office and hotel applications, the new HFR Slim-Line Fan Coils have been specially adapted for the requirements of the British market.

The HFR is offered with factory-mounted options for ´plug and play´ installation. It is designed so that installers, contractors and end-users will be able to benefit from the different features that are built into the range.

Trane HFR units are extremely reliable, as all components are selected to give excellent reliability without influencing performance. For example, the life-time of the motor is a minimum of 40,000 hours. All units (final unit and each subassembly) go through strict tests and procedures at the factory. Performances have been accurately determined through independent laboratory tests. The Eurovent certification for the Trane HFR range guarantees accurate performance data and common comparison criteria.

Trane HFR units are available in various configurations and offer the flexibility to meet individual site requirements. The units have a variable number of spigots with variable diameters (150mm, 200mm, 250mm), five combinations of fresh-air inlet and several air-flow rate alternatives. They offer complete control - whether with Thermostat control, LonTalk® ZN, or Trend®.

Several options further simplify the installation of the system. There is a flying lead for quick connection to the mains power supply, as well as a fuse for unit protection, fan-motor speed adjustment for easy commissioning, a factory-mounted fresh-air control and a simple and reliable factory-mounted condensate pump.

Intelligent design simplifies the servicing of the Trane HFR range. Key components are accessible from below the unit using the quick-release access panels. The units’ high reliability and excellent serviceability minimise the down time of the system.

An intelligent factory-mounted ZN control provides enhanced acoustical and thermal comfort. In addition, this top-of-the-range controller ensures that the unit always runs at its optimum performance levels. The LonTalk®-certified ZN controller can be connected to a Trane Building Management system or to any LonTalk®-compatible control and monitoring system.

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