ADVANCED Portable Water Quality Testing Laboratory


Designed for combined testing of both the micro-biological and physico-chemical parameters of drinking water, Wagtech International's Wag-WE10010 Potalab is ideally suited for wide parameter surveillance or longer term monitoring where extreme accuracy is important. The Potolab is suitable for use either in the lab or the field and conforms fully with WHO guidelines on water quality monitoring.

Used extensively by UNICEF, WHO and many major NGOs the world over, the Potolab's features include -

  • Digital twin incubator, featuring automatic timer and LCD display for up to 50 bacteriological tests
  • Fully portable Incubator - can be powered via External rechargeable battery, AC mains operation, DC operation via vehicle lighter socket or even solar power
  • Independent chamber temperature control, with an accuracy of ±0.1șC, allows simultaneous incubation of both faecal & total coliforms
  • Sophisticated hand-held digital meters for pH, Conductivity/TDS & Turbidity - Digital Photometer for testing up to 40 different chemical parameters
  • Includes the Arsenator digital arsenic testing device, the worlds first low-cost field instrument capable of measuring arsenic down to ppb levels
  • Reduces the reliance upon costly lab-based analyses for advanced levels of monitoring
  • Uses, long-life, low-cost reagents and consumables available locally through Wagtech in-country representatives
  • Supplied with reagents & consumables to carry out 200 micro-biological tests and 200 tests each of Ammonia, Arsenic, Chlorine (DPD1 & 3), Fluoride, Nitrites and Nitrates
  • Comprehensive but simple to use operation manuals for all instruments
  • All components housed in a single, lockable, water-proof aluminium carry case.

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