The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management

To foster and promote the art and science of sustainable waste management worldwide


The Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM) is the professional body which represents over 6,500 waste management professionals - both in the UK and overseas.

The CIWM sets the professional standards for individuals working in the waste management industry and has various grades of membership determined by education, qualification and experience. Through its commercial subsidiary, IWM Business Services Limited, the Institution provides conference, exhibition, training and technical publication services to the industry. A key event is the CIWM Annual Conference & Exhibition - the world's largest annual event dedicated to waste management. In addition, a series of technical and scientific seminars on waste management activities are organised by IWM Business Services Ltd, which are presented by eminent speakers from the industry.

The Institution has its Headquarters in Northampton and also operates ten Regional Centres. These Centres - throughout England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland - run an active programme of events for local members. Its objectives are -

  • Maintain Royal Charter Status
  • Promote Institutional activities and communications - both internally and externally - to the media, industry and the public
  • Lead the development of professional, technical and other standards in the waste management industry
  • Be the defining body for standards in the waste management industry
  • Work with other institutions, trade associations and other organisations to demonstrate and promote waste management professionalism world-wide
  • Develop membership and activities internationally
  • Expand commercial activities to support the professional body
  • Develop organisational structures, management and other resources to achieve continuous improvement.
CIWM's vision will be achieved by advancing the scientific, technical and practical aspects of waste management - and related topics - worldwide for the safeguarding of the environment. The Institution will seek to promote education, training, research and the dissemination of knowledge in all matters of wastes management and related topics - and will seek to achieve and maintain good standards of practice, competence and conduct by all its members.

The business activities of the Institution are carried out through its wholly owned arms-length company - IWM Business Services Ltd - which is responsible for all the commercial activities of the Institution. These include -

Training Courses
The annual Conference and Exhibition
Seminars and Workshops

Any profits made through these commercial activities are returned to the Institution under the Gift Aid scheme.

CIWM has served the waste management industry for over 100 years and is the industry's leading professional body - representing over 6,500 individual professionals in the UK and overseas. The Institution is dedicated to the protection and enhancement of the environment by the development of scientific, technical and management standards, the implementation of practical competency policies and procedures and the promotion of the highest professional standards in all sectors of the industry. Being a member of CIWM makes a statement about an individual's professional capabilities. The waste management industry demands the highest levels of professionalism and excellence - and CIWM membership signals a commitment to these ideals.

The Institution has ten Regional Centres run by members on a voluntary basis - who, between them, organise an extensive programme of technical meetings, site visits, symposia and social events. CIWM provides a forum for high-level debate and the opportunity for members to meet and socialise through a strong network of professionals. Members automatically become a member of their local regional centre when they join the Chartered Institution.

The Regional Centres are -

East Anglian Centre
London & Southern Counties Centre
Midlands Centre
North East Centre
North West Centre
South West Centre
Northern Ireland Centre
Republic of Ireland Centre
Scotland Centre
Wales Centre

CIWM's Events Department specialises in providing event management services for the waste industry. The professional in-house event management team have a wealth of experience organising a wide variety of events, including:

  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Briefing sessions
  • Road shows
  • Social functions
  • Product launches.

Each year the events team produces approximately 20 events, including the CIWM Annual Conference & Exhibition - the world's largest annual event dedicated to waste management. A wide range of event management services are available that are flexible and can be tailored to a client's particular needs.

Firmly established as the most comprehensive event of its kind in Europe, the CIWM 2006 Exhibition has over 370 exhibitors from every sector of the industry and will include waste sectors from - waste to energy innovations, recycling options, hazardous waste advice and solutions - to sourcing waste plant & equipment, vehicles & ancillaries and a full range of street furniture.

There will also be live demonstrations of the latest plant & equipment for recycling, waste management and street cleaning.

CIWM 2005 attracted 6660 attendees from UK and Europe, of which - 45.5% were from the Waste Management Industry, 27.5% were Public Sector or Trade Associations and 26% Manufacturing & Service Companies.

For everyone who works in Wastes Management, the next decade will see strong emphasis on raising professional standards in response to legislative, environmental and public pressures. Quality professionals will be in demand. The basis of a strong, high quality and professional industry lies with the underpinning of knowledge provided by a sound and vigorous education - and, over the last few years, the growth of wastes management education has been one of the key aspects in improved standards.

CIWM Training Services specialises in developing & providing waste management training for individuals and organisations.

Each year, CIWM Training Services organises more than 70 courses and provides training for over a 1,000 delegates.

People need to develop their skills and competencies for their own career development and to enable organisations to improve their efficiency and effectiveness. This applies to both the private and public sectors. The waste management industry is operating within a changing environment - with new techniques being developed and frequent changes in legislation. CIWM and the Environmental Services Association (ESA) have joined together to provide training for the industry by the industry. The courses will be provided through CIWM's commercial company - IWMBS - and are designed to meet the needs of the industry.

One of the Institution's key objectives is to promote the highest professional and technical standards in waste management. The technical work is coordinated, planned and delivered by the Technical Department - each member of the team has their own area of interest and expertise.

The responsibilities of the CIWM Technical Department encompass the following -

  • Scientific and Technical Waste and Resource Information and queries
  • CIWM Response to Consultation Papers
  • Technical Content for Publications
  • Coordinate and contribute to Special Interest Groups and Working Groups
  • Conference, Seminar and Workshop Programmes - in conjunction with IWM Business Services Ltd
  • Articles for 'Wastes Management' Journal
  • Waste Industry Representation
  • Representatives on other bodies, groups, fora
  • Technical events.

The Wastes Management Journal is an important monthly guide to what's happening in the industry. In addition to news and specialist features, this key industry journal for waste managers and professionals working in the waste industry, offers unique analysis of key industry developments that won't appear anywhere else.

CIWM maintains a technical library containing over 8,500 publications, technical papers, videos, CD ROMs and journals.

The Institution also holds contact information for organisations operating in the waste management and environmental fields - and can assist in providing answers to a wide range of waste management enquiries.

The following library services are available for CIWM Members, students and non-members:

  • FREE Referral Service - Contact information for organisations operating in the waste management and environmental fields.
  • Information Service - Answers to waste management enquiries. A limited amount of time can be spent on each enquiry but additional contacts for further information can be provided.
  • Technical Library, CIWM HQ, Northampton, England - Search over 8,500 publications, technical papers, videos, CD ROMs and journals.


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