Part of the Environmental Division of DCC plc, Enva is a professional leading-edge company, providing innovative, economical and environmentally sound solutions to customers for the treatment and disposal of a diverse range of wastes.

Enva currently has six licensed Hazardous Waste facilities - four in the Republic of Ireland (Portlaoise, Shannon, Cork and Dublin) and two in Northern Ireland (Drumaness and Carryduff). It also has a Water Treatment operation based in Runcorn in the UK and intends to expand operations in all regions in the near future.

Enva was launched in June 2006 to replace and bring the trading names of Atlas Environmental, Envirotech and Shannon Environmental Services under one umbrella. Employing in excess of 200 people, Enva comprises of three separate trading companies - Enva Ireland Ltd, Enva Northern Ireland Ltd and Enva UK Ltd.

Enva Ireland is now broken into six divisions - with each division focusing on a certain business area and having its own identity within Enva.

Indeed, Enva's customer base is probably the most diverse of any hazardous waste management company operating in Ireland today and includes both public and private sector customers - from sole traders, SME's, government agencies and local authorities - right up to the largest blue-chip multinationals in Ireland.

This structure that Enva has put in place ensures that it has the appropriate infrastructures and resources - along with employees with specialist skills who have the ability, practical experience and knowledge - to consistently deliver an extremely high level of service to meet the specific needs of a diverse customer base.


In addition to providing businesses with a nationwide waste oil collection service that is both reliable and environmentally responsible, Enva's Industrial & Automotive division is also equipped to handle the ancillary items associated with this sector - including oil filters, mixed fuels, used absorbents, lead acid batteries, alkaline & ni-cad batteries, anti-freeze, brake fluids, fluorescent tubes, paint related waste and thinners.


This division also provides a variety of storage solutions for hazardous liquids - including waste oil tanks, fire resistant cabinets, IBC stations, polysafe pallets and hazmat stations.
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Enva's Field Services division offers a range of services to enable its customers turn the waste management tasks at their site over to highly-trained and experienced staff. In addition to 24 hour, seven-days-a-week response services - designed to minimise the environmental impact of oil or chemical accidents or incidents - Enva also offers full turnkey services and can manage projects from scoping through to implementation and follow-up. For more information - Click Here


Enva is licensed by the EPA to accept soils contaminated with a range of pollutants - i.e. heavy metals, diesel range organics, petrol range organics, mineral oils, etc. The services offered by Enva Soil Treatment include bio-remediation and stabilisation of soil, on-site excavation and co-ordination of logistics.
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Enva's facility in Shannon is the leading integrated waste chemical treatment and recovery facility in Ireland. The company's Hazardous Waste division offers a comprehensive range of physical, chemical and biological processes, which its technical team can customise to offer the best on-site treatment or recovery option for their specific waste.


For wastes that cannot currently be processed at any of its facilities, Enva works with a network of European partners to find the most appropriate recovery process - or, failing that, ultimately a disposal option. For more information - Click Here

Enva's Water Treatment division specialises in accurately diagnosing operating issues at water and effluent treatment plants and then identifying and developing the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions. It also provides a comprehensive range of water treatment products, as well as laboratory and engineering solutions for water and effluent treatment. For more information - Click Here


Since July 2005, Enva Foodservice Solutions have been running five dedicated specialist vehicles for the collection of used cooking oil from restaurants, fast food chains, hotels and other businesses where cooking oil is used. In addition, Enva also provides a range of high quality and competitively priced virgin cooking oils. Virgin oil products supplied by this division are not stored in any of the company's licensed facilities.
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Enva Northern Ireland Ltd operates a similar divisional structure to that of Enva Ireland Ltd - with five divisions, which are Industrial and Automotive, Waste Oil, Environmental Services, Hazardous Waste and Foodservice Solutions.
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Enva UK Ltd currently specialises in providing industry with a comprehensive package of solutions for all water requirements - from influent to effluent - including Hygiene, Engineering and Outsourcing services. Enva's future UK business plans are focused on building an integrated environmental service group along a similar divisional structure as in the Republic and Northern Ireland.
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All Enva activities and facilities operate under very stringent and tightly controlled environmental health and safety and quality management. Operating to the highest standards within the environmental services sector has always been - and will continue to be part of its identity and a guiding principle by which it operates.

Because of the range and depth of the specialised services which it offers - and its continuous introduction of new innovations and solutions for the treatment and disposal of a diverse range of wastes - Enva has placed itself to the forefront of the environmental services marketplace.



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