Galway Metal Company Ltd. (Ireland)


Galway Metal Company Ltd. (Ireland) was established in 1969 to buy, transport and sell Scrap Metal. Over the years, the business has expanded and grown steadily and now provides an integrated service to all sectors.

From its inception - dealing almost exclusively with scrap metal - Galway Metal has reacted continuously to the requirements of the waste sector.

Among its many current activities, the company now deals in the segregation, recovery and recycling of white goods (Computer/Electrical). Galway Metal has a nationwide service and will deal with any volume - depending on requirements.

The company provides a regular collection service using a range of equipment. including:

  • Bins - for regular production line material
  • Skips - for leak free collection
  • Grab trucks - for bulky loose material
  • Magnet - for cleaning up any loose material too small for manual or grab handling

All the collected material is processed at the company's recycling site. The site, itself, incorporates all the necessary processing equipment and is being constantly upgraded to take account of the waste industry's ongoing developments.

In addition to its recent expansion into the collection and processing of white goods in the Computer & Electrical waste category, Galway Metal has traditionally been involved in the collection, processing and recycling of scrap metal.

Part of Galway Metal's collection fleet

At its recycling site, the company has all the necessary equipment for the processing of scrap metal.

This incudes -

Cleaver - for all shearable material
Ferrous Baler - For new production and voluminous steel scrap
Non-Ferrous Baler - For all light non-ferrous material
Plasma Cutter - For all oversize ferrous and non-ferrous material

Other activities at the company's plant, include new and reusable Steel Stockholding.

The stock is made up of both new and reusable steel, including -

Box Iron
Channel Iron
Galvanised Sheets
Galvanised Gates Plates

- and a lot more besides.

The environment is precious and must be safeguarded. For over 26 years, the Galway Metal Company has played a leading role in helping to free the country from unsightly, abandoned car wrecks and other eyesores on the Irish landscape. The company's collection network - together with its mobile processor - are major contributors to the important work of keeping the countryside green and clean.

Galway Metal Company is a member of -

The Metal Merchants Association of Ireland


For further information, contact -

Patrick Walsh
Galway Metal Company Ltd.
Co. Galway

Tel: +353 (0)91 794358
Fax: +353 (0)91 790218

email: galway [email protected]

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