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Golder Associates is a premier global group of consulting companies, specialising in ground engineering and environmental services. By servicing client needs and building strong client relationships, Golder Associates has become one of the most trusted sources of professional services in the world.

Operating as an employee-owned group since its formation in 1960, Golder Associates has created a unique culture with pride in ownership and a commitment to providing technically sound and cost-effective consulting and contracting services. The company develops close working relationships with clients in order to understand the specifics of the complex environments in which they operate.

Golder Associates has experienced steady growth for more than forty years and has more than 4,500 staff and over 100 offices across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America and South America. The company's growth and diversity of services have paralleled the needs of its clients as they operate in an ever-changing and complex global environment.

Golder Associates was founded in Toronto in 1960 as H. Q. Golder and Associates. The first office was a two-bedroom apartment above a branch of the Bank of Nova Scotia and a music organ store.

The founders - Hugh Golder, Victor Milligan, Larry Soderman and John Seychuk - shared a unique combination of reputation and technical, business and operational skills.

They also shared impeccable timing - for the market urgently needed a consulting company specialising in the new field of soil mechanics.

The Department of Highways Ontario (DHO) was embarking on major road building and an understanding of soil mechanics was to be key to the success of that program. In fact, Golder's first five projects involved the design of bridge foundations for DHO.


History and Growth

Initially, Golder offered services in soil mechanics and foundation engineering. This rapidly expanded to include rock mechanics in the 1970s. In the 1980s, the company developed its groundwater expertise into the broader field of hydrogeology - and, in particular, contaminated soil and groundwater. With an increasing environmental awareness, biological capabilities were added in the early 1990s - especially in aquatic and terrestrial biology and toxicology. In the late 1990s, with the ongoing development of the company's capabilities in water-related fields, hydrology and hydraulic engineering services were added to Golder's repertoire. The new millennium brought skills in geographic information systems, information management and cultural sciences.

As Golder's range of technical disciplines increased, so has the range of services. In the early years, the company offered specialist consulting services, acting as sub-consultant for a niche market. By 1980, the company was serving as prime consultant, providing project management plus retaining the services of other sub-consultants on behalf of its clients. In the 1990s, as the range of technical disciplines expanded, Golder began to offer full-service consulting packages - particularly for environmental impact assessment. This led to providing strategic and risk management services. The company now provides contracting services, so that clients can take advantage of turnkey service - particularly in remediation and restoration of contaminated sites.

In 2005, Golder established a permanent base of operations in Ireland. On July 1, 2005, a well respected Irish consulting company, Environment and Resource Management Ltd. - based in Naas, Co. Kildare - and its subsidiary, GeoTesting Ltd - based in Kilcullen, Co. Kildare - became the local operating company of Golder Associates Ireland.

With a staff of 25 people and growing, the company offers a wide range of services to existing and new clients throughout Ireland.

Clients benefit from over 30 years of experience in Ireland. Through its sister office in Belfast - and the Golder network of offices throughout the United Kingdom, Europe and around the world - Golder can provide the full range of its extensive services portfolio.

Golder Associates solve challenges related to the Earth's elements - rock, soil, water and air. The company's engineering and environmental services span a multitude of disciplines and industries - from air quality to watershed modeling in industries - from agriculture to water resources and waste management.

Waste Management

The Golder Waste Management Team has provided services to the waste industry for 30 years - pioneering the use of geomembrane liners in the disposal of toxic mine wastes in the 1970s. Since that time, the Golder team has helped companies implement the many evolving and current practices in the industry at more than 900 facilities.

The company works with its clients to develop practical approaches that meet regulatory requirements and optimise their resources. In addition, extensive coverage across a variety of legislative regimes around the world helps provide local, national and multinational clients with expertise and sound advice in all facets of the waste management industry.

The range of services includes -

Siting and Licensing
Sustainable Asset Management
Environmental Compliance
Design and Construction
Landfill Technologies
Facility Operations and Maintenance
Closure and Post-Closure
Waste Management System Planning
Industrial Waste Services
Information Management



Golder engineers and scientists have earned a worldwide reputation for their ability to solve transportation infrastructure challenges through understanding client needs and by applying innovative design and construction techniques.

The company employs the appropriate solutions to client problems - whether it is special microtunnelling techniques, geologic analysis to avoid rock bolt installations, or innovative recycling for cost-effective road rehabilitation.


Public Consultation
Preliminary Engineering
Feasibility Studies
Environmental Assessment


Detail Site Investigation
Geotechnical Design
Earthworks Design and Constructability Reviews
Pavement Design
Civil Design
Materials Engineering
Blast Optimization
Aggregate Source Evaluation
Excess Material Management
Contract Document Preparation

Operations & Maintenance

Pavement Management Systems
Condition Surveys
Maintenance and Rehabilitation Planning
Environmental Monitoring
Process Control


Construction Management
Inspections and Testing
Laboratory Testing
Concrete and Asphalt Technology
Value Engineering
Environmental Management Plans
Site Remediation
QA/QC Services


Water Resources

Organisations that supply water to customers and those who manage water resources are responding to rapidly changing business and market conditions.

Whether caused by increasing population, changing water use patterns, changes in regulatory requirements resulting from increasing awareness of water's impact on human health, or changes in environmental values and regulations - these situations require complex planning and design of water resources facilities and related systems.

Golder provides a wide array of services for water resources clients with the need to address regulator and resource conflict. Golder's services extend well beyond the traditional technical disciplines and service packages are multidisciplinary and tailored to local client needs.

Technical Disciplines

Surface / Groundwater Hydrology
Geotechnical Engineering
Water Quality Assessments/Modelling
Stream Restoration
River Engineering
Design of Pipeline and Bridge Crossings
Contaminant Hydrogeology
Irrigation and drainage engineering
System Modelling/Simulation
Stormwater Management
Regulatory Support
Planning and Facilitation

Service Packages & Specialties

Environmental Assessment
Water Supply Systems
Groundwater Development
Integrated Watershed Planning
Specialised Water Treatment
Reservoir Operating Rules
Well Design and Construction
Risk Assessments supporting Engineering Design
Decision Analysis and Support using Simulation Modelling
Flood Control Systems
Decision Support and Expert Systems



Golder provides a full range of social, environmental, reserve estimation, ground engineering, geotechnical engineering, mine design, waste management and water resources services. Clients have access to specialists in each of the major mining regions of the world, offering experience, from gold and base metals to industrial minerals and coal - using every surface and underground mining method, in every climate from the polar regions to the tropics.

Golder knows the mining business from exploration to reclamation and the company's ability to innovate and apply novel solutions to projects - when it makes sense for clients' business - has been recognised by the industry.

Golder is at the forefront of changes in the mining industry - whether by developing and applying new technologies or by supporting the industry in the social and environmental debate that will shape its future.

Golder's strength and reputation rest on helping clients balance profitable mine operations with care for the environment and community. The company continues to build that reputation through integrating its engineering, environmental and social services - allowing it to offer practical solutions in an evolving world.

The range of services includes -

Project Development Assurance Waste Management Facility Design and Construction
Resource and Reserve Estimation Acid Mine Drainage Control
Mine Geology & Grade Control Water Treatment
Rock Mechanics Water Management and Supply
Mine Planning Environmental Management
Quarry Planning and Design Environmental Impact Assessment
Blast Design Community Relations Planning
Tunnelling Construction Quality Control
Heap Leach Design Industrial Hygiene and EH&S;
Social & Economic Impact Assessment    

Service Packages

Ore Evaluation Services


Risk Assessment/Finance, Insurance

Golder provides environmental advice on asset management and insurance investigations and plays an integral part in major project reviews and transactions.

A strong tradition of technology transfer, supported by an international network of electronic communications, allows Golder to apply global experience to local problems.

The range of services includes -

Due Diligence
Major Project Permitting
Transaction Support
Litigation and Insurance Support
Asset Management
Corporate Services



Manufacturers today face a multitude of environmental regulatory requirements - not just prior to opening their doors for business, but throughout the life of the company. Golder has helped businesses - from biotechnology producers to electronics manufacturers, to pulp and paper companies - comply with local, state and national standards.

Golder provides a variety of services that help manufacturers operate a profitable business, while meeting applicable regulations in every stage of their operations -

Facility & Portfolio Management Support
IPC Licensing
Construction Services


Land Development

Golder provides a broad scope of services to the development community. As real estate needs have changed, Golder has assembled the technical expertise to meet these needs - building on its historically strong geotechnical and environmental consulting services.

Environmental Services

Phase I/II Environmental Assessments
Mould Assessment
Environmental Remediation
Hazardous Materials Survey
Demolition Plan
Biological Assessment

Geotechnical Services

Geologic Hazard Evaluation
Geotechnical Investigation
Site Grading and Earthworks Recommendations
Forensic Investigations
Earthquake Engineering
Foundation and Shoring Design
Value Engineering

Other Services

Cost Estimate Validation
Property Transaction Screening
Project Feasibility Evaluation
Tunnelling / Trenchless Technologies



Golder helps clients manage environmental licensing of power-generating complexes - as well as linear facilities such as transmission lines and fuel-delivery pipelines in over 20 countries - and focuses on the full spectrum of power plants infrastructure and their associated facilities. From LNG, coal, biomass and ethanol-fuelled power generation, to wind farms and hydropower facilities, Golder have been providing services to clients in these industries for more than 40 years.

The range of services covers -

Facility Development Services
Diverse Energy Experience
Facility Compliance Services


Golder Associates has become one of the largest, most trusted global group of consulting companies in the world. The original founders envisioned a unique culture based on employee ownership, commitment to quality and attracting and retaining the most highly trained and talented minds in the industry. Over 40 years later, this vision continues to inspire Golder's 4,500 employees working in 100 offices throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, South America and the United States.

The staff of Golder Associates includes Rhodes Scholars, worldwide experts, renowned innovators, former faculty members from the world's top universities and scores of motivated, ambitious scientists and engineers - many with advanced degrees and professional certifications - whose accomplishments are setting standards for the industry. The company maintains an environment where talented people can effectively apply their skills and knowledge to implement creative and cost-effective solutions to meet client needs.

For further information, contact -

Golder Associates Ireland
Town Centre House
Dublin Road
Co. Kildare

Tel: 353-45-874411
Fax: 353-45-874549
Email: [email protected]


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