Specialists in the removal of chewing gum and graffiti

The cleanliness of your work environment plays an important role in the business image perceived by your customers. A clean, attractive, well-kept building positively affects the attitudes of the general public as well as customers.

Many business owners and property managers maintain the attractiveness of their locations by using the services of GUM BUSTERS to perform periodic or once-off cleaning of pathways, shop fronts, awnings and building facades. Dirt, gum deposits, graffiti, beverage stains and moss are quickly removed, using very hot pressurized water as required. Shopping centres, restaurant exteriors and drive-throughs, shop fronts - in fact any high pedestrian traffic areas - tend to be good candidates for these cleaning services.

In addition to these, many surfaces on buildings may require aesthetic cleaning throughout the year to remove accumulations of mould, dirt, stains and vehicle exhaust pollution.

GUM BUSTERS accomplishes these tasks by dispatching self-contained mobile wash units, staffed with fully trained crews.

Using specially designed pressure cleaning equipment, the company offers the most efficient and cost effective approach to exterior surface cleaning.

GUM BUSTERS purpose-built, state-of-the-art van-mounted machine provides nearly twenty times the cleaning power of a portable machine - simply achieved by the powerful diesel engine that drives it. With a van-mounted system, the operator does not waste valuable time moving a bulky portable machine around, looking for power or water - as the cleaning unit carries an 1100 litre water tank,leaving time to do the job of high pressure cleaning. The company's competitive edge offers a high speed cleaning capability - covering large areas quickly and effectively. This is a cost-effective, eco-friendly and minimum noise service. The company also has full Treatments Risk & Third Party Liability and operates a strict Health & Safety Policy.

Not only does cleaning your building and adjacent areas improve their appearance, but it also cleans away erosive deposits which may cause costly damage. As always, adjacent areas are fully rinsed to leave the complete area looking like GUM BUSTERS were never there - ONLY MUCH CLEANER!
Where possible, cleanings are scheduled to reduce the likelihood of interfering with business operations. To this end, GUM BUSTERS operate 24 hours a day - 7 days a week. The company offers free estimates, evaluations and on-site demonstrations upon request.

Graffiti abatement
Vandals, gangs and street artists have turned graffiti into a national epidemic. Graffiti vandalism has caused property maintenance costs to skyrocket throughout the country. Once graffiti appears on a building, it must be quickly removed or it creates a chain reaction of further vandalism. It not only affects the appearance of an area but also creates an edgy feeling that leaves customers with the question - "is this place really safe?"

GUM BUSTERS strategy is one of Rapid Response - i.e. in order to get the message across to offenders, it is necessary to remove any new graffiti as soon as possible.

GUM BUSTERS have maintenance programmes designed to help combat graffiti vandalism. These programmes allow property owners and management companies to keep costs for graffiti abatement within manageable levels. Removal of the graffiti from the vandalised building can be achieved using a variety of methods. Each job is individually assessed to ascertain the most effective and appropriate removal method - while still maintaining surface integrity.


  • Exteriors
  • Driveways
  • Pavements
  • Awnings
  • Brick
  • Asphalt
  • Roofing
  • Conservatories
  • Patios
  • Oil Spills


  • Restauruanrs
  • Bank Exteriors
  • Pavements
  • Vehicle Fleets
  • Tennis Courts
  • Drive-thru Lanes
  • Shopping Centres
  • Canopies
  • Car Parks
  • Garage Forecourts







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