Indaver Ireland Ltd

Indaver delivers high quality, cost-effective services in the specialist hazardous and non-hazardous waste market in Ireland.

Operating in Ireland since 1977, Indaver Ireland Ltd is a well-established European waste management company with a proven track record. Whether dealing with large or small quantities of waste, the company can customise solutions by working with clients' existing staff - or, by providing fully-trained staff to work on the clients' site.

The range of services provided by the company includes -

Hazardous Waste Management
On-Site Services
Total On-Site Waste Management
Supply of Activated Carbon
Disposal of Laboratory Chemicals
Operations of Recycling Centres.

Indaver Municipal Incinerator, Flanders, Belgium


Indaver's existing Hazardous Waste Management Site
includes a Waste Transfer Station
Indaver already works with customers in a number of different industry sectors, including -
General industrial
Food and beverage
Local Authority
Government Departments.

Hazardous Waste Management Facility

Waste Transfer Station
Indaver operates a Waste Transfer Station at its existing EPA-licensed waste management facility in Dublin Port, for the temporary storage/handling of hazardous waste for export and other waste streams.

Solvent Recovery Facility

In July 2006, Indaver - in partnership with SRM - officially opened a new Solvent Recovery Facility (SRF) at its existing Hazardous Waste Facility in Dublin Port.

This new facility has the capacity to blend into a fuel, 20,000 tonnes of waste solvents generated by the pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

Waste solvent can be used as an alternative fuel in the cement and power industry here in Ireland.
It is the company's intention to extend the site to include a marine terminal for the temporary storage of solvent liquid waste prior to export abroad for incineration.

Solvent Recovery Facility

On-Site Services
Indaver offers a wide range of on-site services to its customers, including - diversion of waste to landfill overseas, export of car-shred for disposal, export of refuse derived fuels to power plants overseas, soil remediation & sludge disposal, site clean-ups, plant decommissioning and other large-scale waste treatment projects.

Total Waste Management
A Total Waste Management option (TWM) is becoming increasingly popular among the company's customers.

As part of this service, Indaver will prepare a TWM manual, specific to each customer, which includes:
- a Waste Management Plan
- a Service Level Agreement - and
- a Classification Report for the client waste streams on-site.

Turning your Waste into Energy
Indaver considers waste to be a valuable resource. In addition to its waste prevention and recycling services, the company is involved in energy recovery from residual waste.

This meets both waste and energy policy objectives by enhancing the security of energy supply, promoting the sustainability of energy supply and facilitating landfill diversion.

Replacement fuels
Indaver Ireland's waste-derived fuels can be used as replacement fuels in heavy industry. These include -

Solvent liquid fuel (SLF)
Indaver opened Ireland's first solvent waste-to-energy facility in 2006, in Dublin Port. This facility has the capacity to recover 20,000 tpa of waste solvents, producing up to 400TJ of SLF per annum.

Refuse derived fuel (RDF)
Indaver manages approximately 250TJ of RDF per annum, which contains a renewable biomass fraction.

Dried sludge product
Approximately 6,000 tpa - or 6TJpa - of dried sludge is collected and exported for energy recovery.

Indaver is seeking to expand its sludge and RDF management services and will pursue recovery opportunities within Ireland to retain the benefits of these indigenous and partly renewable fuels.

Waste to Energy (WTE)
Indaver Ireland is currently planning two large-scale WTE facilities in Meath and Cork.

The Meath incinerator will treat 200,000 tpa residual municipal solid waste (MSW) - generating over 13MW electricity for export to the national grid.

The majority of residual MSW is biodegradable - and, therefore, renewable.

It is anticipated that this facility will commence operations in 2009.

Proposed Meath WTE facility

Proposed Cork WTE facility

The Cork facility will process industrial waste (Phase I) and residual MSW (Phase II) - generating over 60MW thermal energy. Indaver Ireland is investigating the potential for exporting this energy as both electricity and hot water from a CHP plant.

Due to the facility's location in the Ringaskiddy Peninsula, this hot water could be distributed to local heat users via a district heating system.

This project would be unique in Ireland and could provide a significant energy efficiency gain at the site as well as commercial and environmental benefits to customers. As for the Meath project, a fraction of the waste feed will be renewable.

In summary, the activities of Indaver Ireland are projected to contribute a total of over 3,000 TJpa to the energy sector, in the form of indigenous and, to some extent, renewable secondary fuels and electricity/heat end-products.

With offices in Dún Laoghaire, Dublin Port and Cork, Indaver currently employs over 105 people.

Office Locations
4 Haddington Terrace
Dún Laoghaire
Co. Dublin
Tel: +353 1 280 4534
Fax: +353 1 280 7865
Tolka Quay Road
Dublin Port
Dublin 1
Tel: +353 1 280 4534
Fax: +353 1 280 7865
Unit 11
South Ring Business Park
Kinsale Road
Cork, Ireland.
Tel: +353 21 470 4260
Fax: +353 21 470 4250



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