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RSK Group is one of the world's leading providers of solutions to environmental, health & safety and engineering challenges around the world.

RSK Group plc is an independent, multidisciplinary consulting and technical services company, providing specialist support services in the areas of environmental planning and compliance, land assessment, remediation and health and safety management.

RSK employs over 500 technical staff in 17 offices worldwide - offering the best international experience with a local response to clients' health, safety and environmental requirements. The company's strategic partnerships and close working relationships with local companies, institutions, national governments and environmental agencies enable it to complete projects quickly, achieve cost savings with minimal regulatory delays and build in-country goodwill.

RSK Group plc strives to build enduring client relationships, while providing an exceptional and professional service. This is achieved by hiring, retaining and rewarding its staff, promoting a healthy learning culture and engendering a safe and positive working environment.

The company operates an open and relaxed management ethos that nurtures continuous improvement and innovation.

Adopting a proactive growth strategy helps the operation of a sustainable and profitable business, while providing new and exciting career opportunities.

RSK's business principles can be summarised by -

Hiring, retaining and rewarding talented and dedicated people
Building enduring client relationships
Encouraging continuous improvement and innovation
Promoting a learning culture and a safe, positive working environment
Making strategic investments for sustainable growth
Committing to strong, predictable financial performance
Maintaining unwavering commitment to health and safety - and
Preserving, protecting and enhancing natural and social resources.

RSK Group plc has achieved certification to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards for Quality, Environmental and Health & Safety, respectively.


RSK provides independent environmental consultancy and technical services in the areas of environmental, health & safety and sustainability management to industrial, financial and public-sector clients.

Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA)
The growing public interest in environmental, social and sustainability issues is driving regulatory scrutiny of all current development activity. Developers are now aware that both real and perceived environmental impact can constrain development. The Environmental Impact Assessments and Consultation process, therefore, is critical to the success of a development project.

Undertaking an environmental and/or socio-economic impact assessment helps to inform decision making and enables decisions on land-use change to be taken with full knowledge of the likely environmental and socio-economic consequences. By integrating stakeholder engagement, RSK can also ensure that the project - not only complies with legal requirements of statutory authorities, but also obtains the support of non-statutory stakeholders and communities, avoiding project delays or even blocks to being granted planning permission or permits to operate.

Contaminated land & brownfield redevelopment
RSK has extensive expertise in the provision of site assessment, remedial design, development engineering and remediation programme management services. Together with RSK's in-house organics laboratory and mechanical plant division, the company is able to cover the full range of environmental assessment scenarios.

Local personnel can draw upon additional support and specialist expertise from the resources of RSK's European office network - as well as the company's US centres of excellence.

This is of particular relevance where experience of individual remedial technologies is required. The company's networking ability ensures that it can deliver state-of-the-art technology and expertise, locally.

From Site assessment and Quantitative Risk assessment to Turnkey Remediation solutions, RSK can assist clients at any stage of site redevelopment. The RSK team provides and integrates the following services -

  • Community relations and stakeholder negotiation
  • Contaminant fate and transport analysis
  • Quantitative human health, environmental and ecological risk assessment
  • Remedial design and HAZOP analysis
  • Site investigation and characterisation
  • Specialist remediation contracting
  • System operation, maintenance support and data management.

RSK aims to provide its clients with a comprehensive service designed to provide cost effective and optimised engineering solutions - spanning the investigation, remedial design and remediation contracting process. The services are designed to add value by ensuring the solutions are specifically tailored to site conditions and the remedial design achieves the target in as cost-effective a manner as possible.

Environmental Management Systems (EMS)
Environmental Management Systems (EMS) can provide a structured way to manage and improve an organisation's environmental performance. The systems are generally built around the identification of activities, products and services - linking these to associated impacts and legislative requirements. From this process, an organisation can then plan how it intends to achieve compliance with legislation, with other requirements (such as industry codes of practice) and how it can improve performance - ensuring best practice is incorporated into daily business conduct and corporate goals.

A well-designed and operated system will ensure that an organisation does not simply comply with legislation, but also goes beyond this and becomes forward thinking.

The benefits realised by any organisation implementing such a system range from environmental benefits - such as minimising pollution - through to real financial savings - such as material wastage reductions, which must be interlinked to ensure that all parties can see how the system can lead to sustainability.

Environmental Management Systems can be developed to meet international standards - such as ISO 14001 and EMAS (Eco Management and Audit Scheme).

Certification by a third party to these standards, provides assurance to stakeholders (investors, shareholders, statutory authorities and planners) that an organisation is operating to industry best-practice - minimising potential liabilities, securing legal compliance and protecting reputation value.

The development, implementation and eventual certification to an internationally recognised management system standard is, increasingly, becoming a prerequisite to do business in many cases. Companies may find that they may not be able to apply - or be considered for - tenders/contracts without such certification, as it is often used as a 'quick-fix' measure of assurance of the environmental credentials of an organisation.

Whether the issue is pressure from within the supply chain or concern regarding regulatory compliance, RSK Group plc can deliver effective and practical solutions.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) services
Sustainability is no longer the sole remit of NGO campaigners. It is on the agenda of national and international policy makers, planners and investors and is cascading down supply chains - presenting risks and opportunities in all sectors. Businesses need to understand and respond to these stakeholder expectations at all levels of their operations - both at corporate level and at the coalface.

The RSK approach is to translate corporate social responsibility (CSR) ideals into practical solutions, in order to enable clients to manage commercial projects more efficiently and to improve overall performance. RSK can offer CSR services at both corporate and project level.

Environmental services
Assessing new developments for their environmental - and, increasingly, social - impact is a major part of RSK's work. The company's individual consultancy services are offered in combinations that produce comprehensive environmental and social impact statements. RSK Group plc frequently works alongside engineers and provides input to feasibility studies - as well as to the front-end and detailed design stages of developments, both large and small.

Typical projects include oil and gas fields, pipelines, hospitals, business parks, housing developments and roads. RSK's project managers are experts in their fields, with many years of relevant experience - they manage the whole impact assessment process.

The company works with clients to define the scope of the impact assessment, manage a team of specialists who provide input to design, liaise with stakeholders and produce the environmental statement.

On occasion, RSK staff members are seconded into a client's organisation to manage the impact assessment. Should a proposed project be subject to public inquiry, RSK specialists work with the legal team and act as expert witnesses in preparing and presenting evidence. The company then goes on to help its clients obtain whatever further consents and approvals may be needed.

Finally, at the construction stage, RSK supplies environmental and archaeological officers to work as part of the construction team. They are present to oversee the work and to help clients and contractors attain the highest practicable standards.

Health and safety services
RSK Group plc are established Health & Safety consultants, offering professional services in Health, Safety and risk management.

The company's aim is to improve clients' operational performance through the management of risk in the key areas of -

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Construction Health and Safety
  • Health and Safety Training and Facilitation
  • Railway Safety - and
  • Asbestos.

Archaeology & Heritage management
Consideration of archaeological and heritage issues - including ancient monuments, World Heritage Sites, listed buildings and conservation areas - is now universally acknowledged as an integral part of the development and construction process.

The significance of protecting built and cultural heritage has been recognised worldwide through the introduction of legislation, guidance and codes of practice.

RSK's archaeologists have worked on numerous urban, rural, brownfield and greenfield site projects. They have extensive experience in the role of archaeology and heritage in the planning process and the application of Planning Policy Guidelines to projects.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
The ongoing revolution in information management presents opportunities and solutions that were cost-prohibitive or simply did not exist just a few years ago.

Sophisticated database management systems reduce costs of information retrieval and analyses. Electronic data capture improves the efficiency of surveys and material inventories. Data visualisation technology is used to create dynamic analysis and to communicate project results.

The power of GIS allows for reductions in the costs of analyses as well as a dramatic range of possibilities in presenting information to an organisation's decision makers, regulators, other agencies, planning boards, courts of law and the general public.

RSK Group plc have experience in providing a wide range of systems and solutions - from feasibility and design, to installation and training. The company's staff have experience of the full range of industry software and can provide the client with the most appropriate tools for the job.

Being a MapInfo partner, RSK can offer a full range of off-the-shelf products - or provide a bespoke system to meet exact client needs.


RSK's global experience and local networks ensure that projects are completed on time and help to minimise regulatory delays, achieve cost savings and develop good relationships with local stakeholders.

Many of the world's best-known names rely on the expertise and commitment of the company's health, safety and environmental professionals.

Republic of Ireland client-base -

  • Shell Corrib Gas Pipeline - Environmental Assessment
  • Topaz Energy - Site investigation, Risk Assessment and Remediation
  • Texaco Ireland - Petroleum retail outlet site investigation, risk assessment and remediation
  • Leading Micro-electronics Corporation - IPPC License, Environmental Impact Statement
  • Cadbury's - Due Diligence Audit
  • Bord Gais - Environmental Impact Statement
  • Phoenix Gas - Due Diligence Audit, EIA Gas Pipeline.

Northern Ireland client-base -

  • Shell NI - Petroleum retail outlet site investigation, assessment and remediation
  • Stannifer Developments - Riverside Shopping Centre, Coleraine; Abbey Centre, Newtownabbey; Sprucefield Shopping Centre, Lisburn; Buttercrane Centre, Newry - Site Investigation, remediation during the development stage
  • Alliance and Leicester, Belfast - PCB remediation
  • WDR & RT Taggarts - The Lincoln Centre, Belfast; Dundalk Dog Racing Track; Dunmore Stadium, Belfast; Bank of Ireland Headquarters, Heron Road - Site Investigation, remediation, acted as expert witness during the development stage
  • Dupont - Site Investigation, assessment and remediation
  • Tyrex Finlay Group - Type-two asbestos survey.


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