Institute of Technology Carlow


The Institute of Technology Carlow was founded in 1970 and was among the first third level colleges of its kind in Ireland - aimed at promoting training and education in the fields of technology, the sciences and business management.

Today it is the leading centre for technological and commercial education in the south-east of Ireland, with an academic staff of over 200 and a student population of 3,000.

IT Carlow provides a broad range of academic programmes in the fields of Science, Engineering, Technology and Business Management. The college offers -

  • Excellence in teaching and internationally recognised qualifications
  • Academic programmes from Certificate to Doctorate level
  • Continuing Education Programmes
  • Post-graduate research opportunities.

Approximately 4,300 students currently attend the Institute. They are -

  • Undergraduates from Ireland and abroad pursuing full time courses up to Degree level
  • Students undertaking continuing education programmes through part-time & evening courses
  • Post-graduate students from Irish and European universities pursuing further research as part of an MA or PhD programmes.

Students enjoy the best of both worlds at IT Carlow - studying in a challenging and friendly environment, without the pressures of urban-based student life. Smaller group teaching is an important feature of the Institute's educational approach - fostering a supportive environment amongst staff and students, with the emphasis on individual potential.

The cost of student accommodation in Carlow is up to 50% cheaper than equivalent urban-based accommodation. The majority of students can also avoid daily travel expenses - the College campus is within walking or cycling distance of local amenities.

The college campus is a short walk from Carlow town, with its many sporting, leisure and entertainment facilities. Carlow, in turn, is well served with good road and rail links to most Irish major cities and towns.

IT Carlow provides a range of services to the industrial and commercial sectors throughout Ireland, co-ordinated through its External Services Department.

The department acts as an industrial and commercial portal to provide access to the expertise and facilities available from the Institute.

The Institute's services are offered to a variety of enterprises in the multinational and the Small to Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) sectors. The department also has a high level of interaction with government agencies and established support mechanisms, which include - the Industrial Development Authority, Enterprise Ireland and County Enterprise Boards. In addition, the department co-ordinates enterprise support activity through a variety of programmes, including -

  • Enterprise Platform programme
  • EnAct programme
  • Innovation partnership programme
  • Campus companies programme.

There are a range of Science Courses to choose from at IT Carlow. The Institute offers a practical step-by-step qualifications programme, where students can achieve a recognised qualification at each stage - Certificate, Diploma, Degree or Higher Degree. This gives a unique degree of total flexibility.

The Institute also has a range of dynamic research and development programmes that provide suitably qualified primary degree holders with exciting opportunities to progress to higher degree award levels (Masters and Doctorate). The current areas of R & D activity include -

  • Biotechnology and Environmental Science
  • Physics and Optical Engineering
  • Information Technology and Communications
  • Business and Marketing
  • Manufacturing and Processing Technology
  • Social Studies.

IT Carlow has strong R & D collaborative partnerships with both national and international academic and industrial research partners from a number of countries, including - Spain, Australia, Canada, China, England, Germany and the United States.

The primary sources of funding for this research include - the Higher Education Authority, under their programme for Research in Third-Level Institutions, Enterprise Ireland Applied Research Programme, private funding sources (industry), the Post-Graduate R & D Skills Programme and EU programmes.


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