NERAC (the National Environmental Research and Auditing Centre) was established in 1997 in response to the needs of industry. It is a specialised division of the Institute of Technology, Sligo campus company, CREDCO.
NERAC uses the expertise of the IT Sligo in the areas of Environmental Science - as well as working with national experts to ensure the provision of the most up-to date information.

The Institute has an established reputation for developing industry-focused courses, especially in the areas of Environmental Science and Auditing.

Among the achievements by the Institute are the following courses, which were produced for the first time in Ireland by IT, Sligo -

First full time Diploma and Degree in Environmental Science
First full time Degree in Quality Assurance

First M.Sc. in Environmental Protection by distance learning

First Degree in Health and Safety
First Diploma in Water Engineering

The design, implementation and maintenance of an EMS require the expertise of trained personnel. NERAC has tailored this course specifically for industry and will train participants in the effective implementation of an Environmental Management System which best suits a company's requirements.

Environmenta! Management Systems
Companies are coming under increasing pressure to install and maintain systems which will control and minimise their impact on the environment. A well structured EMS (Environmental Management System) will not only comply with requirements and legislation, but will also increase profits by waste-minimisation and energy conservation.

In order to optimise the effects of an Environmental Management System, a company must be able to -

  • Distinguish between EMS, EMAS, ISO 14001 - in order to choose the most appropriate system
  • Identify the key elements of an EMS
  • Comply with the requirements of an IPC Licence
  • Integrate its EMS with any existing management system (e.g. ISO 9000)
  • Maintain a workforce trained in the elements of EMS - to allow the system to adapt to changing requirements.

The objective of the NERAC course is to enable companies to install, maintain and continuously improve an EMS which will be of benefit to the company, its workforce and the environment. It should be attended by personnel and managers with responsibility in environmental issues.


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