National Standards Authority of Ireland


NSAI offers public courses to help individuals gain the skills that they require to operate management systems effectively.
The range of courses offered, reflects the wide range of certification services offered by NSAI.

The courses and workshops are tutored by full-time Lead Auditors with the aim of providing practical advice and solutions for implementing and management systems.
The tutors share their extensive experience with participants and explain techniques and requirements with examples.


The most popular courses are those based on ISO 9000 the most widely implemented standard. Regular courses are held on internal auditing and the principles of ISO 9000 (both for the experienced practitioner and the beginner, the multinational employee and the SME stakeholder).
These courses provide the toolkit that those, working with management systems, need in order to be able to tackle the tasks of management system establishment, maintenance and improvement.
All certification programmes have their associated workshops and this includes ISO 14000, EN 46000, I.S 343, OHSAS 18001 and Medical Devices (CE marking and management systems) - with, in some cases, specialist courses being developed on demand to deal with specific aspects associated with mainstream standards.

The courses are mostly held in Dublin on the Glasnevin campus - where there is ample parking, public transport access and a restaurant.

All courses come with full document packs which, in most cases, include the relevant standard and/or guidance documents.

Course schedules and details can be obtained by contacting Course Reservations on 353 1 807 3993 or online at Bookings and Contacts.


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