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SQT is a specialist provider of bespoke training programmes that help organisations become leaner, more compliant and more progressive.

For over 25 years, SQT has brought the latest thinking, the leading techniques and the most experienced industry experts into ambitious organisations, large and small, throughout Ireland, the UK and beyond.

SQT trained some of the very first ISO Lead Auditors and, many years ago, coached the earliest adopters of Lean Six Sigma.

SQT empowers people with the capability to help their organisations reach the highest standards, maintain compliance and drive efficiency.

SQT programmes are renowned for their dynamic, practical, real world approach and are built on a foundation of theory and practice that works. That's why the likes of CRH, eBay, Glanbia, Kerry Group, Medtronic, Musgraves and Pepsi trust SQT to train their people - over 50,000 in 25 years.

SQT offers a broad range of Environmental and Energy training courses which are available on both a Public and In-House basis. Courses are accredited by NEBOSH, IEMA and AEE.

Many provide training and qualifications
Few deliver real capability

Capability to make a difference
Change is inevitable. How we respond determines whether we succeed or fail. SQT gives you the knowledge, guidance and experience to help you succeed - the capability to respond to new legislation, new standards, more competition, a change in customer needs, new technologies or to meet new targets - and the capability to make a difference.

Learn from Leaders
SQT believes, in this field, the best people to learn from are seasoned industry experts, not just academics. That's why SQT so carefully hand-picks every single tutor. - people who have worked at the coal face, who can draw on their experiences and share real world insights, stories and techniques. Leaders to empower and inspire you.

Bridge the gap
One of the biggest challenges for learners is to bridge the gap between the classroom and the workplace - to put the theory into practice. We all learn best by 'doing', so putting theory into practice is an integral element of SQT's courses. Learn, do and review.

Programmes tailored to your people, your organisation, your needs

Training is much more effective when it's made relevant to your organisation and your particular needs. That's why SQT makes it its business to understand your business. With that understanding SQT can best advise on who needs what training, and tailor programmes to precisely address your unique needs.

Rigorous examinations for recognised qualifications

SQT's purpose is to increase your capability and ensure you gain the best possible qualifications. SQT learners undergo rigorous examinations to achieve recognised, prestigious qualifications. The company is QQI (formerly HETAC & FETAC) and NEBOSH accredited and also provides IRCA, IEMA, AEE, CIEH and ICEB accredited programmes.

Significant, measurable results

SQT is a training partner rather than a provider of courses. The company seeks to make a significant and measurable contribution to the organisations it works with. Since 1989, SQT has helped its clients implement effective new systems, pass third party audits, maintain certifications, reduce costs and eliminate process inefficiencies. Real problems. Measurable results.

Real, tangible benefits for you and your organisation

How will your business benefit?

  • Capability to shape stronger, smarter organisations. The smarts to improve the bottom line

    SQT empowers your people with the capability to enhance systems, reduce risks, minimise waste, streamline processes and ultimately improve your organisation's bottom line.
  • Innovation for a competitive edge
    SQT gives your people the capability and the confidence to drive innovation - improving products, services, systems and your customers' experience. Sharpen your competitive edge.
  • How to do more with less
    The latest approaches, information and insights to enable your people to discover ways to do more with less. All for a leaner, fitter, stronger organisation.

How will I benefit?

  • Get qualified. Be capable. Progress
  • The capability to power your career Get the capability, knowledge and confidence you need to maximise your potential.
  • Recognised, respected qualifications
    Enhance your career with globally recognised qualifications from a highly respected trainer.
  • Knowledge that empowers you
    Get the correct skills and the latest knowledge first-hand, from experienced industry leaders.

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